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    Dear Verizon Wireless

    Please forgive me for asking, but my provider is 3UK (three.co.uk) and I believe you are associated with them, please let me know if this is true, if not, I have joined this site unintentionaly using your connetion as my provider and if am wrong, someone please direct me to get this right.

    I had been on this site before, but I have used my friends PCs as my desktop was very slow but now am on this laptop which reasonally works thethering via My3 my provider.

    I have a friend which am trying to set up thethering from their BBTorch 9800 to their IPad, 3 I would say and it's the one without 3g on it.

    Yea so now there are two this I would like you to help me with but the 3rd is am sure I have already have an account but way back since I got my BBT a year ago now.

    I hope I can get help with the IPad but I need to know if am using the right Provider name to my account PLEASE

    04-12-12 08:22 PM