1. jamcony's Avatar
    I have an aol@myaddress (name@myaddress.com) that has been working on my BB 8130 up until a few days ago. It still works on my computer. When I try to access my email on the aol sign in screen, I get a message Invalid Screen Name or Password. I tried resetting taking out the battery, changing passwords but I am still getting this message. When I try it on my computer...no problem. This is an email address that I didn't have to configure on the BB as I did my gmail account. I should be able to retrieve my email just by signing in on the aol website. Any suggestions. Verizon BB customer support couldn't help and suggested contacting aol which is like impossible to speak with a human.
    06-06-08 04:28 PM
  2. CrazyMan5150's Avatar
    go to BlackBerry Internet Service sign in and see if your Email account is Valadated and also look and see if there any errors in your log file that will usully tell you what went wrong

    id re register send service books do a prl update -*22890 then send

    and then a soft reset adn see what happens then
    08-27-08 06:30 AM
  3. tcbj#AC's Avatar
    Are you trying to access your aol account on the BB browser? If so, this may be your issue. Something may have changed with the aol portal. If this is the case, just set it up at the BIS site. Any VZW tech can walk you through it, and its much better than managing your mail thru iour browser. Crazyman5150 left the link. I would type it in too, but im not cool enough yet.
    08-27-08 05:51 PM
  4. lastraid's Avatar

    All you need to do up date the PRL -Prefered Roaming List is *228 then select opt 2 when prompted. This will have nothing to do with the OP's problem. They need to configure the AOL account to the BIS, rather than goung though the browser. ALso the format of the email will be more pleasent this was as well.
    08-27-08 07:39 PM