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    I have been fighting with Verizon about my BB Tour since last July when I purchased it. Last week I received replacement #4 on Tuesday. I activated the phone, sent the other one back, but then realized that the "V" and "B" keys were not working properly. I had to press and hold to get them to work. By the next day they would not work at all. So, I called VZW back and demanded a new phone. Not another replacement, but a new, in the box, phone. They refused and sent me another Certified Replacement.

    I am done with Verizon, they have had their chance to make this situation go away. They refuse to send me a "new" phone or give me a different model. I've even asked if they could change my date so I can get a new phone. The curve is only $29.99 right now. Nothing.

    The problem is that I have two phones on my account. I asked to have the accounts split so when I dump VZW my wife's BB is not affected. I'm getting the run-a-round about doing that now.

    I went and got a Bold 9700 from AT&T, was waiting to port my number until they got the accounts split apart. I had to cancel the AT&T account until I can get the Verizon account split.

    I am on my 5th replacement Tour from VZW. 3 replacements have been due to the trackball locking up, one has been due to the keyboard. Is it too much to ask to have a working phone that I paid for?

    Has anyone else had this type of problem with Verizon? If so, did you get it corrected? Any VZW reps have any suggestions?
    03-09-10 11:51 AM
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    If you port out, it will split the account. It will force your wife to an individual plan. She will become the main account holder.

    You said you had problems from day 1 with the phone? You had 30 days to exchange it for a different model.

    Unfortunately, the multi-fru policy is no longer...so you can't get a different model.

    Lastly, you said the 8530 is only 29.99...that's true, but that is the subsidized price of the device. The actual cost is close to 350 or something like that. So it's not "nothing." I'll just give you this bit of advice, the more calm and civilized you are, the more Verizon will work with you. Losing your temper, name calling, and ESPECIALLY threatening will get you no where.

    When you threaten, they could care less...you are one line (even if you do have data...) Unfortunately, you are only 1 out of 80 million.
    03-09-10 01:39 PM
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    I have a similar problem. I've been using a BlackBerry device on vzw for 3 years now. Since November, intermittently I will miss calls. I should say, I don't receive calls. It will go straight to voice mail on the callers end, with me getting no notification. Also it won't show a voice mail in the system(not just on the phone screen but when I call to check) for around 3 weeks. This is while my phone says I have full service sitting next to another Verizon phone who can make and receive calls. I'm on my third tour, after having 3 previous Storms. I could care less about getting another phone as I just want a working BlackBerry. To make it worse, I'm on call 24/7 for work. I tried using a Curve2 for a week and never missed a call. I'm not looking for another phone as I love the tour, I just want it to work. The only thing I hear is we are investigating this issue or getting a new phone won't help.

    I'm also unsure of what to do, and I'd love to cancel and switch carriers at this point but I don't want to pay the 200 dollar fee. Any advice?

    Sorry for hijacking this thread! Oh and to contribute my opinion to the op, just keep calling and getting new free units until you find one you're satisfied with. I do believe that somewhere in the terms of agreement you sign it does warrant your device whether it be from the carrier or the manufacturer to be free of defects for up to one year of use.
    03-09-10 08:16 PM