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    Hello All...

    I'm a recent victim of the Verizon inquisition. The list of troubles that I have experienced since VZW took control of my account is far too long to list in this forum, but the most irritating so far is that although VZW lists my plan as having "Unlimited Messaging", text and otherwise, and I can receive and send email with all of my registered accounts, pop etc., yet sending a simple text message is an impossibility. No matter what carrier my intended recipient is on I receive the same message " -(SMS Error 97, Message ID XX), Service denied". I have spent hours on the phone with VZW cs and tech support and they always tell me the same thing, "We can't fix this problem for you. Give it a few days and see if it works itself out once the SE conversion is finished." Also, according to VZW, I am supposed to be able to text with other Alltel customers only, negative ghostrider that pattern is full. Also, VZW says that not only is there nothing that they can do to help, but they also say that there is nothing that I can do on my end to remedy the problem... Really, NOTHING?!?!?!?!!! I can't update my phone's OS or change something in my phone to make it work like it is supposed to? With Alltel, I never had a problem with any aspect of my BB's capabilities, however that statement was proven false on my very first day with VZW. So, if anyone out there knows of a fix, of any sort, that is the magic golden ticket to the short path through the VZW BULLSH!%, please let me know. As much as I have always disliked VZW for reasons very similar to these listed, I don't care who my service is with, as long as every single function of my extremely functional BB works flawlessly. Also, some other info that might play into a response, I am a Mac user and do not have full functionality of BB desktop software, nor can I go to the BB website through VZW or any other link and download useful software. I say useful because I already have pocketmac synch manager and updated drivers, but due to an idiotic move on BB's part, full access to their own site is limited to IE users of IE 5.5 or higher. Anyhoo, thanks in advance to anyone who has any help whatsoever for me! Cheers!

    P.S. CB has it wrong, I use the 8330 (Curve)
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