1. mscann's Avatar
    With all the talk about the tour I am debating if I want to hold out for a 8900 provided it will actually be released
    06-18-09 12:40 PM
  2. ILuvGadgets's Avatar
    Just to make sure I'm understanding all of these releases correctly, the Tour will be Verizon's "version" of the Bold and the 8900 will be the new Curve, right?

    There's been so much talk, I don't know which phone I'm holding out for. I really love my Curve 8330, and if there will be an upgraded, newer version, I definitely want it!

    This is my 3rd Blackberry and I'm the most satisfied with my current Curve than i was with my 8700 or my 8830.
    06-18-09 02:44 PM