1. rsarno's Avatar
    I have my clam since october of last year, so im in for a year now.

    i was siked for a curve, but then got hooked on the idea of getting an iphone .. but now im back on the curve track.

    is there anything i can do to get a discount so i dont have to pay full retail if i get a curve?

    btw how much is full retail?

    PS, id wait for the storm but im frankly sick of waiting for new phones to come out and they dont tell us a darn thing just leave us hanging

    10-16-08 10:17 PM
  2. jeffh's Avatar
    Verizon has a lot of discount plans for employees of various companies and Gov't agencies. The discounts can be 20% or more. You can ask about them at any Verizon store.
    10-16-08 11:04 PM
  3. dolphinguy's Avatar
    If you have online access to your account order it thru the add a line link or upgrade link in your online account.

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    10-16-08 11:31 PM
  4. berry me with it's Avatar
    If you are the primary line on the account, you qualify for the "Annual Upgrade Program" which basically allows you to upgrade "early" (normal is 20 months) at new customer pricing, however, because it it "early" you will lose out on the New Every 2 credit VZW gives to the primary line.
    10-17-08 11:52 AM