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    So I wrote this into their website today. I doubt anything will come of it. I'lll be placing my order on amazon this weekend. It's cheaper and has a better chance of actually getting to me.

    I'm writing to let you know that my recent experience with ordering an accessory through VZW.com would be my first and consequently last experience with you.

    3/13/09- I attempted to place an online order for a jawbone 2 headset. After the website would not take the 25% VIP discount, I called into VZW. The CS rep advised that in order to get the 25% I would have to place the order in store and it would be shipped to me. I then drove 30 min to the nearest VZW store where I was told by the store manager that the store would not match the online price, and would not place the order for me at the online price either.
    I then contacted CS again and the rep apologized for the earlier misinformation said she would place the order for me.

    3/17/09- I had not received my order and I contacted CS. After being placed on hold for 15 min, I was told the order had not been placed correctly by the tech on Friday and so it was canceled. No phone call, no email. She apologized and said she would re-order the headset and have it shipped overnight the following morning to arrive on thurs.

    3/20/09- I still have not received the order. I called again and was told that a delivery attempt had been made, but no one was there to receive. I got the tracking number from her and went online and checked myself and see that the order has been sent to my billing address in MD (where no one is present) instead of my shipping address here in IL.

    I then call again into CS, and I'm told sorry but the best that they could do was either have me and go in and purchase another headset at full price and they would then credit my account. Or just wait till fedex sends the headset back and then credit my account.

    In the past, VZW takes 2-3 billing cycles and repeated phone calls to credits to my account, so I'm electing to not to go that route to avoid future frustration.

    You guys have the best network, which is the only reason I'm with you for all these years. But your lack of CS truly kills the experience.
    03-20-09 08:35 AM
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    You just had bad luck. Vzw ranks number 1 for customer service consistently for a reason. And sometimes its worth it to pay a little more in store to avoid crap. Also when purchased through verizon the bluetooth would have had a 1 year warranty in which verizon would honor. Now if it breaks you have to mail it back to jawbone.
    03-20-09 09:42 AM
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    I've seen these snafus between stores/CS/Internet, mostly with VZW (because that's where my exposure mostly lies), but have also experienced it with other carriers (T-Mobile is rough on the transitions), as well as other businesses (Walmart is bad & BestBuy is downright crooked).

    When CS tells me I should go into a VZW store, I tell them I am in remote rural areas this week during store hours. I hate the stores of any carrier. When I order something, I make sure they read back the shipping address.

    I am sorry, American business - but good customer service starts with the original McDonald's concept (their food is for 6 year- old palates) of consistency. It used to be that you'd recognize being in McDonald's whether you were in Tulsa or Tampa, Providence or Phoenix and the food tasted the same. Get a Big Mac & fries and prices were mostly consistent no matter where you were.

    This crap of "you bought it online, so we can't take it back" is the sign of allowing junior marketing execs too much rope & beancounters too much control.

    I understand that online is cheaper than any human-attended transaction. Fine - make a standard price for all, then offer an Internet order discount. Then make it transparent the way Costco does - I can buy anything they offer online and return it in any Costco store (including Home and Expo stores), no questions asked.

    I hate the fact that carriers seem intent on employing seventh-graders to do their web design - switch from one page to another and OOPS, I have to log in again. T-Mobile, VZW, Cox, they all pull this elementary web-design mistake. Then they don't give me an option to set my own site time-out. I can't even use the bathroom without VZW timing me out - my banks allow me to set up to 60 minutes. Yet we wonder why there are online ordering problems.

    And don't even get me started on the crappy mobile access issues.

    So yes - I agree with you. This is why I usually get accessories from Newegg, Amazon, CB, Accessory Geeks, Costco, etc. (But NEVER BestBuy) . I don't have the time, nor the patience to deal with the pricing or return games the carriers play.

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    03-20-09 12:15 PM