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    Last Friday I sent an email to Verizon customer service asking if I was eligible for an annual upgrade. I was unsure if my calling plan had to be $49.99/month, or if it was o.k. if my calling plan was $39.99/month, but my total access fee was greater than $49.99/month.

    On Sunday, I received a reply from "Karla" letting me know that, yes, I am eligible, and to log-in to My Verizon to upgrade at anytime. I did, but did not see the option to renew my contract or any promotional pricing.

    I replied, and received a response from "Sue" on Wednesday saying that, actually, I am not eligible, but because of the misinformation, that Verizon would honor the promise of an upgrade. She asked me to reply with my phone of choice, calling and data plan, billing and shipping information and she would process my order. She said that I would not be able to upgrade online or by calling customer service.

    I responded to her with my info, requesting a Storm of course, and received a response from "Craig" today saying that the Storm is not available for pre-order, and to call customer service or upgrade online on 11/21.

    Does anyone know if these emails will be noted in my account if I call customer service? I'm tired of going back and forth with a different person each time, but have little patience being on the phone with customer service explaining the situation.

    Any advice or suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks!
    11-20-08 05:57 PM
  2. jimmers's Avatar
    I would print the emails out and take them in to a Verizon store tomorrow so that you can get the Storm in hand.
    11-20-08 06:00 PM
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    You must have a plan of 49.99 or higher. If someone in customer service authorizes it, they must not only comment it, but they have to adjust the date.
    11-20-08 06:00 PM
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    If I call customer service, to have them adjust the date, will they have access to the email string? Or would the online CSR need to adjust the date?

    Thanks again!
    11-20-08 06:07 PM
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    Yes, they should be if reps did their job in noting the accounts. Was the rep Karla state that she was in ABQ NM?
    11-20-08 07:15 PM
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    Nope, Karla did not say where she was located. Thanks for the help.
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    11-20-08 07:22 PM
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    I think I personally know her. I have worked with her 3 years and she is good. If she reviewed the account and said you are eligable, then you are.
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    11-20-08 07:33 PM
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    gotta love not notating accts.
    11-20-08 08:35 PM
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    I think I personally know her. I have worked with her 3 years and she is good. If she reviewed the account and said you are eligable, then you are.
    If she said he was eligible for annual/early upgrade on a 39.99 plan, then she ain't that good.

    The CALLING PLAN has to be 49.99 per month to be eligible. Add-on features like messaging or a BB data feature do not contribute to annual upgrade eligibility.
    11-20-08 11:22 PM
  10. djbrianfalls's Avatar
    yup, technically true, but if already on a BIS or BES data plan, there is no reason not to be on the nationwide with email, and thus fulfill the cost req..

    if he's on amc2 he's SOL
    11-21-08 12:12 AM
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    Update...I received an email last night from "Chris" who has asked a co-worker to call me personally today after 12 noon to provide assistance in ordering the Storm. We'll see what happens next.
    11-21-08 11:59 AM
  12. KeithF40's Avatar
    Do you get the annual upgrade after 12 months or 10 months?
    11-21-08 02:36 PM
  13. kylewell's Avatar
    I wanna see if I can pull a few strings, had the pearl for 9 months or so now...I think, can't remember the exact date and online it says may which is wrong.

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    11-21-08 02:43 PM
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    Hooray! I just got off the phone with "Andrea", she placed my Storm order and honored the promise of the annual upgrade price. The bad news...they are sold out, and it will not ship until 12/5.

    KeithF40, I got the annual upgrade after 14 months, but my calling plan was not $49.99 or more. When I asked Verizon if I qualified for the annual upgrade, they mistakenly said yes, then no, but ended up giving it to me in the end!
    11-21-08 03:13 PM
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    I'm a 7 year Verizon customer and Verizon isn't always the best with coming up with a great response at first, but they usually come though at the end.
    11-21-08 05:06 PM