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    My wife and I both have blackberrys activated on our companies' respective BES. I ordered the Bold 9650 online using her line's NE2. I want to activate the phone on my line. I know I have to activate the phone on her line in order to "accept the contract." However, if I do that and ESN switch back, she will be kicked off her BES and will have to wait days for them to send her a wireless password to reactivate her old BB.

    I have hear that we can choose an option 2 to "activate later" and it will keep her phone on her BES. I can then do an online ESN switch with my BB and get my company to send me a BES activation password.

    Is this correct? The big thing is that we don't want to deactivate her old phone from hr BES to just activate the new 9650. Unfortunately, her IT dept takes forever with BES activation password requests and she can't go that long without her BB on the BES. Any clarification from anyone would be greatly appreciated.
    06-04-10 03:15 PM