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    I just found out tonight that you are now able to do an alternate upgrade online on your account. I went to upgrade my husbands phone, and it had a link that said you could use the upgrade for another line. It's about time that they have this. The last time I did an alternate upgrade I had to wait at the store for over an hour (I know I could call customer service, but I hate calling CS. Now you get the instant discount, and you can also do the buy one get one free if you have another line that has an available upgrade. And I was also given the option to charge the phone to my account (don't know if that was an option before online)
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    08-14-10 10:12 PM
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    The more options we have online the better. Although, I'm surprised it took an hour in the store. I bought my new phone (Droid 2) yesterday and I was helped right of way and out within the time it takes to activate and purchase. But my stores have many floor representatives available to wait is always minimal.

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    08-15-10 12:53 AM
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    I just found the feature the other day.
    It's new. It works.
    I ordered a DX with an alternate line upgrade.
    08-15-10 11:14 PM