1. Mvlawn's Avatar
    Sunday was the switch over from alltel to Verizon This is when all data including mms text come to a halt. i contacted Verizon Sunday morning and was on the phone with CS for 1.5 hours doing *228 updates and a couple other things along with pushing service books then i was to wait till 3 pm as there was a outage in the Woodbine, MD area. At 4 pm i called CS again the CSR did give me his full attn. with everything from *228 to pushing service books to fully wiping my BB and starting over from scratch manually entering Data under the ##000000. well after 2 hours he gave up. My phone and SMS work fine but no data he says this is do to 1xev instead of a large 1XEV when i register Host routing table it claims messg has been sent and the other thing i have noticed is I only have 3 service books now. Now i'm told i have to wait till tuesday for the service call to come through and try again. I dont understand as my wifes BB and our data card work fine. Does anyone have any input?
    10-19-09 08:18 AM
  2. mossyoak's Avatar
    There was a national data outage yesterday for all blackberries but it did not affect everyone! Sounds as if you were and she wasnt which was the case i had. My wife was and i wasnt and that is what the rep told me. after a couple hours everything was fine.
    10-19-09 10:08 AM
  3. JRSIMPSON's Avatar
    I have been having the same problems for a couple months. Sometimes it works fine, other times i cant make it work.
    They keep telling me they are having "Conversion Issues" and if i will switch to a Verizon plan and Device my issues will be gone. Needless to say i am a little hesitant.
    10-19-09 10:43 AM
  4. diggy15's Avatar
    Maybe you just have your phone set to the wrong line number

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    10-19-09 02:24 PM