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    OK so today I am officially a Verizon customer. I currently have the Alltel Family Smartchoice 500 plan ($89.99) with my BB as the primary line and wife's dumbphone as added line ($20). I was able to go on the Verizon website this afternoon to activate "My Verizon" and everything seems to be fine.

    I am able to recieve a 20% discount through work (I know co-workers who get the 20%) but when I put my work email address and register my line it says that I'm not able to get a monthly discount on my current plan...is there something about my current Alltel plan that would not allow me to get the discount?

    FWIW, on Alltel I was not able to get the discount on the Smartchoice plan, but I thought I had seen other people posting that when they were switched over to Verizon on their current Alltel plans that they were immediately able to get the discount.

    Thanks for any help or thoughts!!
    07-12-09 07:11 PM
  2. .ANTHONY.'s Avatar
    I just activated my Verizon login just a moment ago and have the same question. I couldn't find anything while I was browsing the website in reference to corp discounts.

    The only area I saw for email addresses was the primary one. Would I have to have my work email receive notification and be set as the main address? I'd like to keep my personal one on there if possible.
    07-13-09 09:49 AM
  3. DMO1028's Avatar
    I figured it out this morning-

    I think you have to use your work email. Once you put that in the system they will send an email with a link. Click that link and then at the bottom of the screen you will see the option to "register your line". So fill in that info, and you will see a message as to whether you qualify for a monthly access discount.

    I'm coming from Alltel and have a Friends and Family Smartpack 500 plan...the system told me:

    "Your price plan is not eligible for a monthly access discount. However, you are eligible to receive discounts through your company's Employee Discount Program"

    I called CS and was told the Alltel Smartpack plan did not qualify only the "Freedom" plan. Although, I have seen others here in the forums say they got their discount on the Alltel plan?

    I was extremly nice and respectful with the CS rep too...Good luck.
    07-13-09 10:14 AM
  4. .ANTHONY.'s Avatar
    I went into a Verizon store this weekend to get the discount applied since I haven't had any luck on the website. After waiting an hour to get helped they tell me that I'll have to upgrade my account and be on a Verizon plan.

    I don't think it makes much sense to go through the whole charade of signing another agreement (a more expensive one) just to get a discount of 15%. It'll probably come out to what my Alltel plan is now. Who knows.

    Oh well, just wanted to share my experience. Hope you had better luck with yours.
    07-27-09 09:35 AM