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    WTF?? ALL lines on an account have access thru My Verizon to:

    - make a payment using new payment info OR my stored acct (f'd up b/c that could overdraft my chkg acct)
    - see current balance
    - see the last 4 digits of my current saved bank acct (assuming cc too if I had one stored) - if I call my bank w/just the last 4 digits, I have access to acct info as well as some actions
    - see payment history
    - edit or DELETE my stored payment account!
    - plan details
    - individual usage (fine of course) AND account level usage

    I don't know if this has always been the case because I never accessed My Verizon from a secondary line before. Funny, considering that if I choose to make a payment from a secondary line, under a notice titled "Payment Security", it states, "Your information is safe and secure.....Make payments using your Verizon Wireless phone confident that your personal information is well protected."


    I called VZW to complain, twice, getting diff supervisors who both said that it's that way to ensure a payment could be made in case the account owner is unable to. Geez, too bad my gas and elec company doesn't feel the same way. Or my family doctor.

    The only way to prevent this is to remove My Verizon access from those accounts. But then there would be no access to features that DON'T violate your privacy (e.g., managing ringback tones, checking usage w/o using #DATA, MIN, etc.).

    Am I the only one who sees how screwed up this is??
    08-31-12 04:36 PM
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    If I'm correct I think you need to type in your password before payment is accepted, so unless the other lines have your password your good.

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    08-31-12 05:29 PM
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    An update....

    You do need your account pswd if using #PMT from the phone to pay, or by phone. And only some of the above info is available on the FULL MyVerizon website.

    But it's on the mobile site that EVERYTHING above is available and possible. Just to test it further, I went on and made a payment from my secondary line. It processed and only asked for my MyVerizon pswd, which is entirely different from my billing pswd. I also changed the payment account name. I added another payment method to the account as well. Went as far as clicking "confirm" to delete the payment account.

    I really think this is some sort of a programming error with the mobile site. The full site has more info and capability than I would like, but the mobile site allows potentially harmful actions to be taken on the account. As well as give family members (for me, three grown children, elderly parents, a sister-in-law and a potential daughter-in-law) access to information and account actions that they have no business having.
    09-01-12 11:49 AM
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    If nobody has your MyVerizon password you don't have a problem. They can't change or pay anything without the MyVerizon password.

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    09-01-12 09:01 PM
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    If nobody has your MyVerizon password you don't have a problem. They can't change or pay anything without the MyVerizon password.
    That's not true from a phone on the mobile MyVerizon site/app. It prompts them for THEIR MyVerizon password (the full/pc website does NOT do this, as it shouldn't). In my previous post I said it prompted for MY MyVerizon pswd - meaning that phone number's pswd - because that particular secondary line is MY phone (used for business). Different password on each of those two MyVerizon accts.

    I did it with one of my secondary lines. Again, it accessed everything I listed above, made all the account changes listed above. With IT'S OWN MyVerizon password. Not MY (the account holder) MyVerizon password OR the account password, but their own. Tried it from MY second line, tried it from one of my son's phones as well as my husband's now.

    If anyone has a second phone on their account that they can try this with, I'd love to know.

    Really wondering tho if this has always been the case or perhaps it's a programming glitch since the switch to Share Everything (I was just switched on the 20th).....?
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    09-02-12 11:03 AM
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    By giving each line their own My Verizon password you have defeated the system. Its setup so only the Account holder should have a password. I have 5 lines, only myself has the MyVerizon password. They can look at everything on their mobiles but can't change anything.

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    09-02-12 11:53 AM
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    By giving each line their own My Verizon password...
    We're not talking about the same thing.

    I don't give them a MyVerizon password to MY MyVerizon account, but to their own individual account. Unless you specifically block complete access to each line's MyVerizon access, all lines can simply go online and register (what is supposed to be) a limited MyVerizon account for their own number.

    My kids (mid-20's adults now) had their own accounts when they were in high school. There are a number of features that are convenient, useful and/or just kinda cool to have (e.g., photo storage, ringback management, block calls/msgs, online management of contacts, etc.). A separate online account for each phone number.

    For example, I don't have access to my 26 yr old son's account, or my husband's, Mom's, etc. They created their own, w/their own info. Unfortunately, now with access to MY financial info as well.
    09-02-12 12:42 PM
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    .... Its setup so only the Account holder should have a password. I have 5 lines, only myself has the MyVerizon password....
    Only the account holder has the ACCOUNT password, and their OWN MyVerizon account password.

    Curious tho - for your other lines, are they smart phones? And also, have you switched to the Share Everything plan yet? Really wondering if something changed since that switch for me (8/20).
    09-02-12 12:45 PM
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    No I have 5 lines all smartphones, Family share plan, unlimited data. I am the account holder, they can access MyVerizon thru the app but can't change anything even on their line with out my MyVerizon password. More or less all lines are mine. This is the most secure way to set it up if you want full control of options and billing.

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    09-02-12 03:11 PM