1. bigdx87's Avatar
    hey i have a question currently i have a dumb phone and i would like to just buy a blackberry and add it to my line i know about the data plan that is required but is there any problems just adding the blackberry service being that i didnt sign a contract for it. also if i were to buy a used blackberry how would that work i would just have to make sure the esn and pin are clear (if the pin isnt clear can it be?) and then i would register to get a new pin and have my email accounts.
    08-09-09 08:01 AM
  2. IDsweetcheeks's Avatar
    Pins are unique to phns. You can clear pin's from the bis but you would want to have the previous owner call and do this prior to getting the device. the bb plan is manditory whether you have contract or not. I think that was what you were asking wasnt it? ESN's can be checked quite easily via ccare or store as well.
    *just re-read your post... you know its required... sorry.. It wont be a problem to add the bb to the acct.*
    08-09-09 08:17 AM
  3. bigdx87's Avatar
    so what happens when you change phones? every time you change your bb you get a new pin since the pins are tied to the phones. also what about used phones would you be getting a used pin from the previous owner?
    08-09-09 02:09 PM