1. stormluver's Avatar
    I'm traveling Asia with a tour and I do have an international date plan. Yesterday, I wanted to switch to storm1 that I previously used so I went to the verizon wireless website and activated the storm. It said to call *228 to complete the activation. However, when I tried to call that number, I get "call failed." I'm guessing this is because I'm not in the U.S. at the moment?

    How can I activate a bb abroad without calling *228 or is there another number I need to call to activate it?

    It says
    status: roaming
    Blackberry internet service: not connected
    Blackberry enterprise server: not connected

    and the network technology is set to Global

    06-11-10 07:30 PM
  2. freightdog's Avatar
    Have you contacted support? I suspect you're stuck with the Tour. I had a coworker buy a Storm 2 which somehow didn't get activated correctly, and left the US right away with it. He had no BIS connection overseas, contacted support, who told him he would have to dial *228 once back in the US to properly activate it in order to have service.
    06-12-10 10:33 AM
  3. lastraid's Avatar
    If the SIm from your tour is active on VZW system, exchange the SIM cards. Then go into options, mobile network and change global to GSM. This should give the GSM network in the country you are in. Then do a reg now to get the BIS working and then login into the bis and send your email serivce books. If you still want the storm when you get back to the US, then change back to global or 1XEV and *228
    06-12-10 10:38 AM