1. arickinreallife's Avatar
    I didn't even think to try this when i got my 9530 unocked. Does anyone who has it unlocked still have their original VZW/Vodaphone SIM card that came with the phone?

    I have to order a new one. I am wondering, if the 9530 will automatically roam on T-Mobile USA with that SIM. I know it will switch to T-Mobile USA automatically if a T-Mobile USA SIM card is in it and its unlocked but will it do it otherwise?

    I say this because at one of my homes, T-Mobile gets OK coverage and Verizon gets none. The only way I can use T-Mobile towers though is if i switch the band to GSM, thus using my SIM card and T-Mobile phone number OR if i tell the phone to use Global and use whichever signal is best. It will automatically go to T-Mobile but like i said, it uses the T-Mobile #.

    I never had the VZW/Vodaphone SIM in my 9530 while unlocked....i wonder...

    i am pretty sure VZW and T-Mobile USA don't have a roaming agreement but does that meant it won't work? VZW also claims the 9530 doesn't work on american GSM carriers period so???
    12-21-08 03:11 PM
  2. mike240se's Avatar
    no roaming agreement = will not work.
    12-22-08 12:41 AM