06-20-09 10:06 PM
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    The phone sucks and VZW does not want to admit it. I know two other people who had same issues before they finally paid for a new phone on EBAY. I am not blaming Verizon but I know the phones we had were all crap and not user error. I would not recommend it to anyone!
    Like I mentioned, the Env3 is now out to take the place of the 2. It's been out a short time but so far so good.
    06-20-09 09:51 AM
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    LOL its amazing that you can come up with all of your so called expertise and figures you got from God knows where, but if you are so in the know you should be aware that the ENV2 is being discontinued and the new ENV3 is already out.
    Hmmm - original reply removed, so let's see if I can do it again in a less combative tone.

    Figures came from Lucky Goldstar & industry figures for smartphones & competitive advanced devices.

    And of course the enV2 has been discontinued. Any kid would understand why. The enV3 is out. Just like the original was taken out of the sales channels when the enV2 was released, the enV2 is now end of life.

    To make the statement that the enV2 is being discontinued somehow validates your argument is like saying the DynaTac was discontinued for being defective because the StarTac was released or the StarTac was a bad phone because Moto released the Razr.

    The enV2 had a lifespan similar to other LG phones. At about a year or so, maybe a touch on the short side of an average range, but still within reason.

    Where does what you spout out come from Scott? Don't forget - I am deep into the industry, while you sell phones.

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    06-20-09 01:39 PM
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    Don't forget - I am deep into the industry,
    06-20-09 10:06 PM
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