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    Hey guys, so I'm just wondering how many of you have had this issue w/the 8530...I'm on my 3rd one as well as another one of my family members. We just bought these in Feb so 6 phones between the 2 of us in 4 months. Very frustrating and such a let down. We've gone through the battery ordeal, oh its your battery let us replace it, replace the battery, instant overheat and death...phone replaced, same issue less than 6 weeks later. I'm so disappointed in this Curve, my old 8330 was a champ compared to this phone. I think RIM really missed the boat on this one, being more concerned with making it available to the masses at a cheaper price point as opposed to quality
    Anyway let me hear your experiences if similar and what the solution was...I'm at this point contemplating leaving the BB world behind for some sort of Android device possibly, I can't deal w/a dead phone every 6 weeks
    06-15-10 05:59 PM
  2. vatothe0's Avatar
    I've dealt with hundreds of them and never heard this issue.

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    06-15-10 06:09 PM