1. faf224's Avatar
    My Curve started doing something odd the other day.

    I have my contacts broken up into a few groups

    Other Contacts

    No matter what filter I have on, or if they are all off, I can dial the contact's name from the home screen, and dial or sms text them. However, 2 days in a row last week it stopped finding people if they were on a filter that I wasn't using.

    I was on personal, and I was trying to sms text some coworkers, and each time I started typing their name it would say not found. I went in, turned the filter off to include all contacts, and I can't remember if it worked or not, sorry.

    I pulled the battery, and upon power up everything was working normally. I told my sup (we're BB support for Sprint) and he gave me a funny look and said he'd never seen that.

    I said maybe I'll wipe it and he said maybe I should.

    Anyone else ever have that happen to them?
    07-12-09 03:59 PM