1. ksat's Avatar
    Hey all - looking for some other experiences and thoughts how to resolve.

    I recently upgraded my wife's CURVE (8330) to OS (I think it is...) on Verizon. The official release direct from VZW's web page.

    The upgrade finished successfully according to the DM. Following the upgrade, though, my wife has noticed her browser icon disappearing on occasion. It's not hidden or moved ... it's gone. I've looked at it a few times, clicked some things here and there, then, it reappears - for no apparent reason. I've installed the CRACKBERRY shortcut on her phone so she is able to get a browser window open, just not via the globe icon that she is used to.

    I can't pin down exactly what I'm clicking on to make it reappear...I'm thinking it might just be the CB shortcut that's bringing it back. Not real sure.

    Anyone else noticing anything like this?
    12-30-08 09:45 AM
  2. John Yester's Avatar
    Resend service books. Also pull the battery and reboot...
    12-30-08 09:48 AM
  3. amyoung92's Avatar
    How do I resend service books? Isn't there a BB page to go to so I can do that?

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    12-30-08 01:52 PM
  4. applejosh's Avatar
    The Verizon BIS website is something like

    BlackBerry Internet Service
    12-30-08 02:03 PM
  5. amyoung92's Avatar
    Thanks!!! Just what I was looking for...;-)

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    12-30-08 02:10 PM
  6. ksat's Avatar
    That website appears to send only service books for EMAIL - not everything. How are the other service books resent?

    Also - is there a list of service books and what they are related to? I was looking at mine and they all seem relatively cryptic. Yea, you can take an educated guess at some of them, but, there are a few that are not very descriptive. Any thoughts?
    12-30-08 05:42 PM
  7. neonwoody's Avatar
    The website sends the browser service books as well as the email services books.... One stop shopping. =)
    12-31-08 03:42 AM
  8. ksat's Avatar
    The website sends the browser service books as well as the email services books.... One stop shopping. =)
    Yea - wasn't so sure at first since the messages that are received all seem to indicate something like "Congratulations, email has been successfully configured on your phone" or close to it.

    12-31-08 06:20 AM
  9. dtoneil's Avatar
    verizon was having issues with the books on ALOT of blackberries just dropping. in the few months ive had my curve, ive had to download them 4 times
    12-31-08 09:25 AM
  10. revwill's Avatar
    I woke up this morning and my browser was nowhere to be found among my icons, even when unhiding. I clicked my CrackBerry icon and got the message that I had no service book entry for the browser and that I should contact VZW to enable it.

    Did the old "alt-rt.shift-del" and my browser magically worked again. Nothing like blowing out the cobwebs with the three finger salute.
    12-31-08 09:44 AM