06-13-09 06:33 PM
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  1. Alexander323bc's Avatar
    As some of you may know from my previous posts when i called customer service to do an esn swap on the phone they did not carry over the unlimted web and smartphone data and i got charged for all the data that i used. It has now been 8 weeks and they have not fixed it. What do i do if they try to **** me? I have been told by 10 different CS reps it is a billing error and it will be credited back. What do i do if Big Red says no were not fixing it?
    06-07-09 01:11 PM
  2. Sith_Apprentice's Avatar
    You have to document every bit of who you talk to, rep numbers, go to a store, dates, times, and results.
    06-07-09 01:13 PM
  3. Alexander323bc's Avatar
    I sent out an email to 7 Verizon executives on Friday and in that email I document who I talked too and gave dates of the conversations. I got a few phone calls and one email back saying they are aware of the situation and are working to resolve it. Thanks for the info Sith do I seem to be handling this correctly by putting that info in the email?
    06-07-09 01:18 PM
  4. Sith_Apprentice's Avatar
    Yes, but I would also check for a lawyer that would do at least a free consult. You dont want to have to pay them if you dont have to, but just to CYA make sure that VZW cant screw you over. That would be a terrible thing to have to pay or to sit on your credit report.
    06-07-09 01:20 PM
  5. Alexander323bc's Avatar
    Thank you Sith sounds like a good idea. We have a corporate Attorney i will ask him about it tomorrow thank you for help.
    06-07-09 01:25 PM
  6. vatothe0's Avatar
    It really sucks that this seems to be taking so much work on your end to get resolved. Unfortunately, nobody in the call center or a store can really help you here other than check any notes to see if there has been any updates.

    It sounds like the issue has been escalated to the corporate office so it's in process and just takes some time. This literally has to be approved by the CFO, John Townsend which is a pretty involved process.

    I helped someone with a similar sized bill that was because the user started to tether their i700 while on pay per use data and it took about 2 months to get cleared up. It wasn't due to a rep or system error but the user denied ever using ANY data. I could see they were using Limewire and downloading stuff via other P2P programs as well but we ended up waiving it anyway.
    06-07-09 11:48 PM
  7. gotblackberry's Avatar
    You have to realize a credit of that magnitude goes past the director of the call center. It will take time.
    06-08-09 12:36 AM
  8. patches152's Avatar
    agree with last two posts. just be patient and let them help you. don't give them ultimatiums, they'll just ignore them. but if they give you a deadline, then hold them to it. ya know? you're paying them for your bill, so in the meantime the disputed balance won't be held against you. just pay the undisputed charges and carry on until its resolved.
    06-08-09 01:00 AM
  9. gotblackberry's Avatar
    Just to let you know, threatening to sue gets you no where. Verizon has smart attorneys on payroll too . Just be patient, if the reps are telling you there is a pending credit just wait until it's approved.
    06-08-09 03:19 AM
  10. Alexander323bc's Avatar
    Thanks for the info from all of you. I just checked my bill and they have credited the late fee back. I am presuming that if they were not going to credit the whole amount back they would not have credited the late fee back. How could you tell they were using p2p programs? I used to work for Sprint and I could never tell what the people did I could guess but could never really be for sure.
    06-08-09 01:03 PM
  11. vatothe0's Avatar
    I looked at what ip addresses and ports they were connecting to and googled it.

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    06-08-09 01:09 PM
  12. Alexander323bc's Avatar
    Ha! I have no idea why i never thought of that. But the fact the credited the late fee back is good sign right?
    06-08-09 01:23 PM
  13. patches152's Avatar
    the charges will be credited based on the code for the charges. so late fees are one code, airtime overage will have its own code...etc.

    the $15.00 late fee doesn't require any approval above the rep who applies it, so they prolly started applying credits, and that one just posted. you're gonna have to wait for the rest to get approval, but if you call in there should be notes of what credits were submitted so far, they'll be pending on your account.
    06-08-09 01:39 PM
  14. Alexander323bc's Avatar
    Patches did you say 15.00 late fee? my late fee is was $777.00.I just got a call from someone named **** one of the people I sent an email too. ***** said his department does not handle wireless but he knows who does and he would have this resolved by close of business on Friday. I also just received an email from **** who said he was made aware of the situation and also said by Friday. He also stated the representatives on the phone coddled the situation and the customer service department will go through new training. So hopefully I made Verizon better for all of us
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    06-08-09 01:52 PM
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    i was speaking generally to explain how credits are applied, i assumed yours was higher, but each fee has its own separate code and requires separate approval.
    06-08-09 02:00 PM
  16. jessieats's Avatar
    i would think no phone bill for a year would be nice of them for all the trouble IMO
    06-08-09 02:02 PM
  17. Alexander323bc's Avatar
    lol sorry patches i am just a little touchy. Your a good man i appreciate the info though!
    06-08-09 02:14 PM
  18. patches152's Avatar
    no prob, xander brah!
    06-08-09 02:20 PM
  19. agirl65's Avatar
    I'm glad they are at least getting in touch with you. I hope it all works out!!
    06-08-09 02:27 PM
  20. Alexander323bc's Avatar
    Well thanks Alandry me too. Its raining here and I just realized I left my windows down in my car lol. I got my third replacement storm in the mail and its a wonderful refurb with a non clicking screen, I love this company!
    06-08-09 02:48 PM
  21. Lady.Khrystal's Avatar
    i was speaking generally to explain how credits are applied, i assumed yours was higher, but each fee has its own separate code and requires separate approval.
    If it's a massive credit then it may have to be sent up the corporate ladder and be checked, re-checked, and re-re-checked before approval.

    When I worked for a different company, I had to manually mark down something $100 and the district manager had to call and approve it b/c the manager could only approve up to $25 credit. This was a craft store though so... kinda different.

    Sorry to hear about your non-clicking Storm. That's like adding insult to injury.
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    06-08-09 05:06 PM
  22. gotblackberry's Avatar
    $777 late fee rofl. Pay the bill on time.
    06-08-09 09:46 PM
  23. Guiltyspike's Avatar
    holy **** ..wow! Goodluck with all that
    06-08-09 09:54 PM
  24. noaim's Avatar
    they aren't going to charge you that money...

    especially if you have a data plan before they have record of how your account was setup...

    that would be silly for them to even consider charging that...

    that is a damn college education
    06-09-09 05:54 AM
  25. Alexander323bc's Avatar
    When this gets resolved I am going to have them put a limit on the account so if ever happens again I get shut off at like 300 dollars.
    06-10-09 10:35 AM
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