1. Tifoso's Avatar
    Got my Storm rebate card today and the literature says that you can transfer the $50 to your bank account provided you do not use the card first. I logged into the rebate site to transfer the money but there is no option to transfer. I also noticed that there is a $1.00 pending charge from VZW thus making my available balance only $49.00.

    I just logged back into my rebate account and see that there is an additional $1.00 charge against my card. Both $1.00 charges are dated today. Is verizon charging $1.00 each time we log into our account? I dare not log in a 3rd time.
    12-13-08 12:11 PM
  2. BerryStorm's Avatar
    You had to set up an account via the Citi bank site and then you can transfer the money to your account. I did it and the money was in my checking account in 2 days, but be prepared to provide your bank's routing number and appropriate account number. I also transferred the entire $50.
    12-13-08 12:49 PM
  3. Tifoso's Avatar
    I called Citi and they told me that VZW put through 2 charges for $1 each. This marked the card as "used" and thus negates the ability to transfer the $ to my bank acct. He couldn't tell me what or why vzw did this. Citi reversed the charges but I have to fill out a form to transfer the money now.

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    12-13-08 02:40 PM
  4. atang79's Avatar
    That's weird. I received my card a few days ago, and I simply just transfered the balance of the card into my checking account.
    12-13-08 05:25 PM
  5. Tifoso's Avatar
    I called back since Citi never emailed me the transfer request form. Now they tell me no money can be transferred because the card appeared to have been used even though they confirm that my balance is $50 and no transactions are pending. So I figured I would just use it to buy some accessories. They have a link to shop on VZW's site so I found the Storm charging pod and tried to use teh rebate card to checkout. Can't process the transaction. I start a chat session with VZW and they tell me that because there is no billing address associated with the card that I can't use it. This is ****ed up. Looks like I'll be getting $50 worth of coffee from WaWa for the next 2 months instead.

    Hey, what happened to the automatic edit for curse words?
    12-15-08 03:43 PM