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    Looking into upgrading my pos phone. Is verizon's 4g service plan the same as my 3g or does 4g have higher costs?
    Also, did some looking into the droid bionic reviews and a few people were having problems when their service was changed to 3g from 4g while traveling. Would this be a common problem? VZ lists my city as having 4g, but honestly I think I'd be alright just using 3

    How would 4g benefit me other than faster loading of web pages?
    I am not into downloads and being that i own a bb, I am not used to having good apps or any worthwhile ones.

    Phone is primarily used for web, emails.

    11-06-11 06:39 PM
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    3g and 4g is the same except for 3g throttling on the old unlimited plans. 4g is like a cable connection pretty much as far as speed. I think there are problems with 4g still since it is a new technology and 3g is established and on 99 percent of all towers. It is possible though to switch to 3g only if you have problems. And you will find you will download stuff a lot like off the Market and benefit from the speed.

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    11-06-11 09:49 PM