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    Engadget Labs: The best mobile broadband carrier in America
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    it doesn't suprise me that at&t wins on download speed...

    this has been proving a few times already.

    But if you note there recommendation

    they recommend verizon for coverage
    at&t for speed

    which is about where I stand as well. Not much to argue there.

    Both at&t and verizon are good carriers..

    I prefer verizon because it works where I need it to work..

    AT&T is my close second using the iPhone I did find a few spots where I didn't have coverage but thats not to say where other people live they have a different scenario..
    05-26-09 04:56 PM
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    One thing to keep in mind is the ATT coverage map on that test is only true for edge/gprs. Their 3G coverage isn't even close to that.
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    Bottom line guys, no carrier can even come close to vz's coverage and more importantly back haul infrastructure. Have there been growing pains sure, I am posting from one 8830 lol. I don't know if it's rim or vz but this phone is not right, using the bb browser sometimes txt sites lag, yet the same phone used as a usb modem locks on solid evdo and is fast enough for me to vpn into my work and run magicjack voip using the 8830 as the modem.

    Yes all the cool toys seem to be developed for gsm, but the truth from a carrier and end users stand point. Evdo/cdma > edge/gprs in almost all areas. It's not even a vendor thing you can break the laws of man, you can break the laws of nature, but I have never seen anyone break the laws of physics. The rf,bandwidth,and scaleability of "old" 850mhz cdma/evdo can't be matched by the gsm systems. I will say the vocoder on gsm seems to be more pleasing to the human ear than the vocoder used on most us cdma systems

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