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    The idea behind 1g, 2g, 3g, and 4g, is it takes time and money to develop these systems.

    You know how you have a different power adapter for all of your devices? X number of charging ports that you had to figure out which one goes with which device.

    Sucks doesn't it...

    Well what if all of you phones, mp3players, digital cameras, etc... came with the same standardized power adapter. So you could mix and match, use one for all?

    That would be great. Wouldn't it.

    The Idea behind the "3rd Generation Partnership Project" hence the name, came from Carriers and Phone companies wanting to share the cost of providing data over the air.

    Right now, HSDPA is the GSM form of 3G and EVDO is the CDMA version

    Benefits and drawbacks

    HSDPA faster but not as good of coverage in the US
    EVDO better coverage, but slower, but still within the standard of 2M/s stationary download speed, and 384k/s moving in vehicle
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