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    I found out yesterday that I could get a new phone, Ive been planning on getting a blackberry for some time now. The problem that came up is that by researching i found out all this info on the new curve that is supposed to come out sometime soon. Now here lies the problem, do i get the 8300 curve or wait for the curve 2 for a couple of months. Is there a significant difference between the two that would sway me to wait longer and pay more?
    02-27-09 01:58 PM
  2. Kaus's Avatar
    They generally dont realease specs of the newer phones at the store level till about 2 weeks prior to launch. That said the 8330 is a solid phone.
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    02-27-09 02:12 PM
  3. Aither's Avatar
    well the specs of 8900 are already out
    02-27-09 02:43 PM
  4. lastraid's Avatar
    Not with VZW that I am aware of
    02-27-09 05:16 PM
  5. papperclippy's Avatar
    That's a tough decision. I hate not knowing when the phones are going to be released.

    It seems that the majority of rumors are centered around a may release. If your phone is okay to use till then, just wait and see when it will come out. The curve is a nice phone though and it is the first bb I ever owned, still only 30 days into it.
    02-27-09 05:21 PM
  6. Aither's Avatar
    Ya, i like the old curve but the new one looks sexy lol idk its a tough decision!
    02-27-09 05:30 PM
  7. pkcable's Avatar
    VZW may not get the 8900 (it's CDMA equivalent), as the coming Niagara is a Bold/Curve(8900) hybrid. No matter WHAT the specs will be different because the current 8900 is a GSM phone. A good bet is that if VZW does get the 8900 (8930) then it WILL have 3G, BUT it won't have wifi.
    02-27-09 09:38 PM
  8. Jkozy's Avatar
    There will always be a new phone in
    The future so it makes it hard to decide.
    Have you considered the storm?

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    02-27-09 10:06 PM
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    Like another user posted the 8330 is a solid phone. Right now vzw has a buy one get one free deal so you could get two.
    02-27-09 10:12 PM
  10. Aither's Avatar
    Thanks for all the input. Im still debating but your posts have helped. Second note, i have debated the storm but, i do enjoy texting and I am not the biggest fan of touch screen. I really like the curve and bold. The curve two looks real good. I pretty much think that If i find out a new BB is coming out within a month to a month in a half or atleast an announcement then I will wait, but if not then ill get the 8330 from verizon. Also save probably a hundred or so dollars.
    02-27-09 11:58 PM
  11. Aither's Avatar
    Also, how much do you think the new BB would cost when it first comes out with the 2 yr upgrade plan?
    02-28-09 11:22 AM
  12. Kaus's Avatar
    The trend has been about 200.00

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    02-28-09 03:38 PM
  13. cenloe's Avatar
    Wait for the Curve or Bold or whatever its going to be (Niagara?). You will be glad you did.

    I'm a chronic upgrader, I have even gone as far as to open up an account on another carrier just to test a different device. I have owned the Pearl, the Curve and the Storm. I will be getting the Niagara when it comes out!

    My point is, just wait and Im sure you wont regret it, I too love texting, the Storm is nice, the latest leaked OS has made the device what it sould have been on release day, but owning it has made me realize that I prefer a physical keyboard. Cost will probably be around $200 I would think.
    03-01-09 01:30 PM
  14. Aither's Avatar
    Ugh this is such a toughie! lol I know the new one will be better but i guess i just got to debate the price vs. performance ratio.
    03-01-09 07:31 PM