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    I have a Verizon account with 12 phones on it so I usually have an upgrade available to me.

    I am sort of the IT guy at the office so when it comes time for phones and phone issues I am the guy. I switched to the iPhone 5 when it came out because my wife needed a new phone can couldn't wait any longer as her Bold was on its last legs. So we both went to the iPhone. Me more so because some people at my office have them and always need to ask me a question. And man did it take a while for me to get the email on those things working properly. I even had to change my server settings ($$$) to make it work as good as when I had a Blackberry.

    Anyway, I sort of like the iPhone but really miss the Blackberry. Really miss the keyboard but I am open for the full touch screen BB.

    Since I am the plan administrator for the company and can buy the phone with a contract extension on another # what is process on activating a phone on Verizon but at the same time keeping the other phone and switching that one back on whenever the mood strikes me. Kind of like 1 week with the iPhone and 1 week with the BB and so on and so on.

    What I really would like is to have both phones turned on with the same phone number but it took these phone companies long enough to bundle a tablet and a phone on the same data plan so who knows if they are even capable or willing to make that available.

    I believe Verizon uses the sim cards in a different way than other carriers in that they are device specific and can't be moved from one phone to another to simplify switching.

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    01-30-13 07:11 AM
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    This is a good question. I will be tacking on a +1. I am interested in an answer as well.
    01-31-13 08:13 AM
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    I remember when my BB broke I pulled an old BB out of my desk drawer and drove it into Verizon to get it activated. The Verizon rep said, I didn't need to drive into the store to do that. There is a number you can call from the phone you want to activate and enter your mobile number you want to activate along with your SS# (for verification) and you are up and running on the other phone. I would assume you can do this at will when ever you want to change phones.

    I would call customer service and tell them your current phone broke and you would like to re-activate an old phone. They should give you the procedure over the phone.

    Warning: I do remember when I activated my old BB it synced all the emails it missed from the day it was turned off, so I had hundreds of emails coming in over the next hour or so...
    01-31-13 04:21 PM
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    I am on a Business account and saw that I could do it just wasn't sure if it involved the sim card. I remember seeing Kevin change phones 10 times more often then he gets it hair cut but GSM is different that CDMA.

    I also wasn't sure if there was a fee but having 12+ lines and the ability to change they shouldn't charge. Especially when we get to do it ourselves.

    I also haven't done it before so I wasn't sure if once I activated the BB would my iPhone NOT be able to be activated with the same number later on. Or back and forth as my mood changes.
    01-31-13 08:37 PM
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    This might help... I switched constantly because I... Like the op... Have a small addiction to phones
    I buy and sell phones so I activate them all on my line...
    *228 option 1 activates a phone on the line that you choose while following the prompt. This is for 3g only... The active one must be off to activate the newer one

    You cannot keep two on one number but I always have a backup toy.

    4G is much simpler... Swap your lte sim card with the both phones off... Power it on and whala! I swapped last night from my s3 to a new RAZR and will do the same with a bb! I can't wait

    Hope that helped... As well it is simple to go from I phone to something else and back... I recommend keeping the accounts set up and ready... Android has an easy way to back up txfs and calls so I never loose any conversations... Not 100percent sure how to do that on apple

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    02-01-13 02:29 PM
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    4G is much simpler... Swap your lte sim card with the both phones off... Power it on and whala! I swapped last night from my s3 to a new RAZR and will do the same with a bb! I can't wait

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    Are you on Verizon?
    02-01-13 04:17 PM
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    I'm on Verizon - i would swap the sim cards and still dial *228. I think 3G phones are a pain to switch. You could also do everything online.

    I'm our phone admin as well - i've put off other people getting new phones and stockpiling upgrades so i would definitely have one ready for the Z10.
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    02-01-13 04:58 PM
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    Are you on Verizon?
    Yes, but do not dial *228 with 4g sim cards... U will ruin ur card

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    02-03-13 01:12 AM
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    On Verizon if both devices are LTE *AND* support the same size SIM you can swap till the cows come home.
    Move the sim reboot the phone. This only works, once again on LTE devices that have the same size SIM card.
    You can do it with 3g devices online. You cannot mix the two.

    Dialing *228 on an LTE device won't ruin your SIM card, it just has no effect.
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    02-06-13 05:05 PM
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    Thanks for this thread. I was pretty sure i would wait for the Q10 when it ships on VZW. I sold of my test GSM Z10 but would love to have one in the mean time while we wait and wait and wait for the Q10 ship date. Always great to have a back-up in mirror mode.

    I was going to port my number to google voice and simply re-direct but it seems complicated and texting from the field seems like it will be bound to the device's phone number not the unified number.

    Also sound like Goog has now decided to really screw BB users by removing support rather than growing it.
    03-24-13 02:45 PM
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    Anyone have any insight about the SD cards in this scenario? I would love to be able to swap out to Z10 for weekends and a Q10 for work days. If each phone has it's own microSD card will things sync via the BB id or would one need to swap the SD cards as well. I guess no encryption allowed in this configuration (i think this is tied to PIN???)....anyone have thoughts on this?? Or perhaps the phones won't really be faux-mirrored even after syncing off of exchange.
    03-24-13 03:00 PM
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    Just switched back to my 9930 with the Z10 VZW 4G sim. Inserted sim into converter, turned on the phone, it asked about unlock, i just said no. dialed *228 and it went through an activation sequence. Bummer is the email and calendar entries that went to z10 don't show up on the 9930....i had really hoped that it would sync all the appointments, email and call logs for the period i was using the Z10.

    Not really a seamless process, i guess if i wiped the phone or the account and re-enabled the enterprise activation i could get a clean full sync but for a day and half i will just skip it.

    So a casual switch of devices introduces a few problems if you are com/cal junkie. So a switch needs ot be pretty thought out. Also re-enabling the 4g sim on the Z10 needs to be done through myverizon on the web - haven't tried it yet.
    03-30-13 04:55 PM
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    I am on Verizon as well and have an iPhone 5. I don't travel outside the US but I really want to try a z10 and q10 when available. I'm just a phone junkie and am jealous of people who can switch devices like that. I thought I had read about the new iPhone 5's, their SIM cards, and international use by swapping SIMs but maybe I just imagined it.
    04-04-13 10:06 AM

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