1. mulder's Avatar
    When I got my curve in May/June, I added $15 tethering to the $30 data plan. With my corp discount, I was actually paying $12 and $24.

    When I switched to the storm, I lost the $15 tethering. When I called customer service, they said they couldn't add the $15 tethering. They could only add $30 tethering to the $30 data plan and $15 tethering to the $45 data plan. When I got rid of the storm and went back to the curve, same story.

    Today I decided to give it one more shot. I called and the csr said the same thing. I explained that I use to have $15 tethering on the $30 plan and lost it on the stupid storm trial, she agreed to add the $15 tethering to the $30 data plan. She wasn't sure if it would work so she suggested I try it out and call back if it doesn't work. I tried it and it works!!!

    When I log into my account, I see:


    I don't see a separate tethering charge. I guess I'll see what happens on my next bill.
    12-20-08 01:25 PM
  2. RicanMedic78's Avatar
    See, that should be cleared up for all of us tho! Whats the story on this. If its 15 extra on a regular 30 BB plan, I would do it, but I'm not paying 30 bucks extra on top of the 30 I already pay for my reg bb plan. 60$??? Thats extortion! Not to mention theres a 5 gb limit! **** NO!

    Someone please help clarify this pricing plz
    12-21-08 03:10 AM
  3. lastraid's Avatar
    Tethering has to equal the price of owning data card or modem. The 5GB will be the same. This is pretty the long and short of it.

    The OP stated he got a rep to do the $15 for him and it worked. Two things can happen.

    1. the rep will audited and apropriate action will be taken.

    2. it may work for a bit and stop and if the account gets audited they may contact to rectify the problem and or shut the tethering down. Then again it may work forever.

    You will find what was done here is the exception not the rule and if you call in and ask, 99.9% of the reps will do this
    12-21-08 08:00 AM
  4. UncleMike's Avatar
    I thought there were "safeguards" in the system to prevent reps from adding the $15 tethering plan to a $30 BIS plan. This would imply that this is not the case, or at least that it can be overridden by the reps if they choose to do so.
    12-21-08 11:55 AM
  5. lastraid's Avatar
    Appears that way. Will talk to management about it next week.
    12-21-08 11:58 AM
  6. Acorn's Avatar
    if tethering was only 15 bucks id get it. adding another 30 per month is way to much though considering your alreading getting internet without it.
    12-21-08 12:15 PM
  7. mulder's Avatar
    As you guys suspected, I indeed got charged for the full $60. This is the case despite the fact that only $45 shows up in my features list.

    01-01-09 02:26 PM
  8. ok4a56's Avatar
    I am going to add tethering to my phone here soon. At the moment I use BIS. Is there any advantage for me to go BES, seeing how it will be the same amount per month. I have no plans on connecting to my work BES server. I was just not sure if there was any other advantages to BES

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    01-01-09 05:33 PM
  9. lastraid's Avatar
    no other advantage to BES serivce. all it does is enable connection provisioing for BES.
    01-01-09 05:35 PM
  10. gtstang462002's Avatar
    Here is what confuses me with the tethering charges. You can add tethering for $15 a month on the 10MB $25 plan or the $45 BES plan but to add it to the $30 BIS plan it is $30. So why not just keep it simple for the reps that decide they want to mention that it is only $15 a month to tether? That is what I was told when I bought my 8830WE and was signed up for the $30 plan. Turns out that wasn't the case but they are honoring it anyhow.
    01-01-09 08:46 PM
  11. qbot101's Avatar
    I am getting a discount on my BES plan; I pay $24 instead of $30. I currently added the tethering onto my phone. I asked the rep if I get a discount and I got conflicting answers. I was told I would get the discount on the BIS but not the tethering. And then he did an about face, stating I would. I just dont want any surprises on my bill
    01-02-09 12:10 AM