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    Im on my friends family plan and have a blackberry pearl right now. The storm comes out soon and I want to buy one but dont want to pay full price. Since im not the main line on the account I would have to wait to upgrade till the end of the contract. The lady at the store said the main line is up for its one year and I can use that line to get the Storm at sale price.

    My question is if I use the main lines upgrade he will lose his NE2 correct? What is the difference in a one year and a NE2? He said if he waits till his NE2 he will get a phone for free and not at the sale price. Is this true? The only way he will let me use his is if he will get a free phone next year. Is this possible? Please say it is im tired of this pearl. This is my 4th one in less then a year.
    11-10-08 11:48 PM
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    if the Primary line is eligible the you can use it for the Annual Upgrade.

    $20 fee, 2yr pricing, and rebate.

    It will reset the Primary line's contract and start the NE2 over. *edit*
    11-10-08 11:54 PM
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    Cool I know about the 2 year pricing but what exactly is a NE2? I thought the NE2 was the 2 year pricing plus a extra $50. Is that correct? If so I will just give him the 50 now.

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    11-11-08 12:31 AM
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    the NE2 is the 2 year price plus the credit towards the phone ... $50 or $100... if you do it early you wont get the ne2 price , you'll just get the 2 yr price + 20fee...example....

    BB curve
    NE2 price= $70 in store with 70 back for rebate... free after rebate ...

    2year early price=$170 + $20 = $190 instore with 70 back for rebate
    11-11-08 11:51 AM
  5. itsthemusic's Avatar
    Also, depending on your account status, you may be eligible for an additional 50 dollar off of the phone. VIP customers receive 50 dollars additional on annual upgrades.
    11-11-08 12:17 PM