1. bravo's Avatar
    For some reason this morning one of my email accounts is not receiving any messages. My Gmail account will send and receive fine. I have another account that has always worked but right now it won't receive anything. I can send an email from that account. Received messages are showing up to the inbox on my computer but not in the BB for this account.

    Is there some sort of reset I can try to fix this problem. It seems weird that the messages would show up on my computer but not my BB. They have always shown up in both places.
    I need to get this figured out, I am trying to take a very liberal lunch break today but I can only do that because I can still see my emails if I am out.

    03-04-10 08:13 AM
  2. bs1two's Avatar
    Go to your email settings and make sure that the email is validated.

    BlackBerry Internet Service if you have your user name and pw.
    03-04-10 08:38 AM
  3. s16's Avatar
    ur BIS server is likely down
    03-04-10 09:10 AM
  4. bravo's Avatar
    I just found a thread about some Verizon outages (I looked before I posted I swear). That must be the issue.
    While I was typing I just received the backlog of messages. Hopefully it's fixed and not intermittent all day.

    Thanks for the replies. I head out of the office now.
    03-04-10 09:18 AM