02-10-10 12:37 AM
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  1. storm_fan2009's Avatar
    Been running Win 7 with the 'fixes' given, and had no problems at all, not even with DM.

    With Windows 7 RC, at least on my computer, the usb and pwr mgt fixes are not necessary. Have not had one issue to date, and I'm constantly upgrading the OS to the latest 'leaks'...and sometimes hybrids (love my BB Storm), and no issues other than the ones 'I' cause with 'operator headspace.'
    05-22-09 09:36 PM
  2. fidget08's Avatar
    i have windows 7 RC and nothing works at all. i have disables the usb power management and updated to the new DM and still not working. The weird thing is that the older versions of DM work but the new 4.xx dont work?
    05-27-09 11:56 PM
  3. sk8trix's Avatar
    ok i was going to install windows 7 today but after hearing thi i dont wanna destroy my bb i have a leaked version of windows 7 should i just wait till i can get an official copy or will upgrading OS with the official windows 7 still brick my BB?
    05-28-09 06:09 PM
  4. zrome's Avatar
    Hmm. "It's not recommended to update under win 7... blah blah." I actually updated to the .148 using the DM under WIN 7. No problems what so ever. I'd assume it's safe to do so, unless I happened to have gotten lucky.
    05-31-09 01:31 PM
  5. mtreubig's Avatar
    This helped mine. I was able to do the .148 official upgrade after making those changes to my USB settings with Windows 7.

    Thank you very much!!!

    06-01-09 07:44 PM
  6. cezberry's Avatar
    You might as will take this post down. I have Windows 7 release candidate(RC) and didn't have no problem in updating to the new os which is .148.
    06-02-09 11:07 PM
  7. gabostorm's Avatar
    unable to get vista to recognize my storm, I have an unlocked one on tmob, trying to run crack uti and it says somethign about a password and then vista say unrecognizable usb
    06-04-09 06:53 PM
  8. Indecisive's Avatar
    Hmm, nothing seems to work for me, i have win 7 rc, and when attempting to load anything onto my storm, while when its time to restart the unit, it gets stuck restarting over and over, but only when the cable is plugged in.
    06-07-09 04:05 PM
  9. MobileMadness002's Avatar
    gonna give this a shot right now. See yas in a bit...

    Well, i was able to transfer files to and from my BB, so that is a good sign. Darn power management.
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    06-09-09 05:45 PM
  10. rockeesta999's Avatar
    yeah. Just visiting lol.
    06-15-09 07:19 AM
  11. applefanboi's Avatar
    Thanks a lot for this! I haven't really had many issues with it yet, though I've only updated my phone once.
    06-15-09 07:06 PM
  12. Skilover's Avatar
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    bmerdinian authored this fix and ask If I would start a thread for it...here it is Great Job!
    Windows 7 USB issue ( RESOLVED )
    After struggling with the VISTA and Windows 7, not sleeping nights to figure why Vista and 7 were the only ones that were bricking my phones. Finally this battle came to an end. Read below for the FIX!!!! I was bricking every phone that tried to update the OS with Windows 7 and Vista. DM now runs way better than ever!!!!!!!

    And you are WELCOME.

    Method 1

    *For Microsoft Windows Vista (and windows 7)
    Click Start, and type device manager in the Start Search box.
    Click Device Manager in the Programs list.
    If you are prompted for an administrator password or confirmation, type your password or click Continue.
    In the Device Manager dialog box, expand Universal Serial Bus controllers.
    Right-click USB Root Hub and then click Properties.
    In the USB Root Hub Properties dialog box, click the Power Management tab.
    Remove the check from the Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power check box
    . Repeat steps 1 through 4 for each USB Root Hub listed in the Device Manager.

    Under Power settings, check the 'USB settings' -> 'USB selective suspend settings' and make sure it is disabled.

    Check Thumbnail, highlighted: Open Device manager, Double click on Universal Serial Bus controller at the bottom, Double Click USB Root Hub, Click Power Management on top right, Uncheck Allow Power...

    Method 2

    *You can disable the USB Selective Suspend feature as a workaround by editing the registry. The USB device may become unresponsive because of a race condition in the Selective Suspend feature. The Selective Suspend feature suspends the USB device to efficiently maintain battery power by enabling the computer to turn off the USB device. However, sometimes this feature may not correctly wake up the USB device. Therefore, the USB device is unresponsive when you try to use it.
    You might want to disable this feature for server products where power management is not important or required.
    *To disable the Selective Suspend feature, follow these steps:
    Click Start and then click Run.
    Note If you are running Windows Vista, click Start, and then use the Start Search box.
    Type reedit, and then click OK. Registry Editor opens.
    Locate and then click the following registry subkey:
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Servic es\USB
    If the DisableSelectiveSuspend registry entry is present, double-click it. If it is not present, create the entry. To create the entry, follow these steps:
    On the Edit menu, point to New, and then click DWORD.
    Type DisableSelectiveSuspend, and then press ENTER.
    On the Edit menu, click Modify.
    In the Value data field, type 1 to disable the Selective Suspend feature, and then click OK.

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    I live for TECH / I Tech for Living
    OK, a number of these things don't exist on my PC: Specifically, under Device Manager, there is nothing called: "Power Settings" I was able to set the USB Root HUb as indicated, but not the rest.
    Looking the other way, using the Registry,
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Servic es\USB
    Does not exist. There are a variety of usbxxx type folders, but no plain "USB" folder in that location.

    I am getting a fatal error after the Desktop manager backs up my BB, but before it is able to install a new OS. No harm, but no new install of the OS, either. I don't know if it's due to the Win7 problem, or due to some other problem. I have never updated my BB using Win7, only with Vista, which worked fine. However, I upgraded the machine, and no longer have anything but Win7.

    THank you.
    09-09-09 03:33 PM
  13. Coopsdeloops's Avatar
    Under Power settings, check the 'USB settings' -> 'USB selective suspend settings' and make sure it is disabled.
    Where are the power settings? I can't find this. I see the power tab, but I don't see the "USB settings" in this tab. Thanks for the help!
    09-13-09 02:46 AM
  14. zsasz's Avatar
    I just upgraded to with win 7 RC 7100 and did NOT use any fix from this forum or any other. I had NO issues, business as usual
    09-29-09 12:25 AM
  15. codito's Avatar
    Haven't had any issues myself with Win 7 or Vista either. Only OSes I've used since I got my BB.
    09-29-09 12:57 AM
  16. cavaliere's Avatar
    I recently began having problems with Vista where the SD card on my Storm being recognized but not the device hard drive. I noticed it particularly after updating BB OS to .323. Then I just upgraded to Windows 7 official release and same problem but following the fix in power management now showing BB1 and BB2 as drives. Thanks for the fix
    10-22-09 11:23 PM
  17. coneybeare's Avatar
    thanks for the tip
    11-02-09 01:48 PM
  18. tmp3150's Avatar
    I must be lucky. I updated my bb os many times and I am using the windows 7 beta and I never had any issues. Just out of curiosity, how many ma does it take to charge the phone? I'm seeing 100ma, but Im not sure if that is enough to charge the phone without any issues, is it?
    11-06-09 04:40 PM
  19. mwakefield's Avatar
    Man you really know your stuff. But overall I am a big fan of Windows 7. Vista sucks though I must say.
    11-13-09 07:08 PM
  20. kbz1960's Avatar
    Where are the power settings? I can't find this. I see the power tab, but I don't see the "USB settings" in this tab. Thanks for the help!
    If anyone still needs this I'm pretty sure he meant go into power management not power settings in the registry or power tab in device manager.
    12-10-09 08:23 PM
  21. google123's Avatar
    Cool, thanks for this guide OP, it will come in handy, but honestly, I've never had any kind of USB trouble using Windows 7. Not when I used the Beta or now that I'm using Windows 7 Pro. Thanks again though, I can use this to refer to when fellow crackberrians (??) ask me.
    02-10-10 12:37 AM
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