12-02-09 01:21 PM
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  1. somarpro's Avatar
    great tips sure I will use them thanks!
    08-24-08 11:16 PM
  2. cdf3's Avatar
    I have dial from home screen disabled for my curve. Typing c from home screen takes me to my contacts list instead of compose email.

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    10-14-08 08:04 AM
  3. RodneyJ725's Avatar
    When I press 'c' in my inbox it automatically composes an email for me. Is there a direct key to compose a 'sms' text message?
    Bumping this, as I have the same question. "S" brings up Search. I'm curious if there is a way to user-define keys that are not pre-set?

    BTW, that "C" for compose was a wonderful tip! Too bad SMS is not one of the options along with the Email accounts.
    10-15-08 06:07 AM
  4. Chrisy's Avatar
    Also (from curve 8320 at least)

    When in messages folder - pressing "c" anywhere while in the messages folder starts a new mail using default e-mail. If you don't want to use the default e-mail you can change it in the mail you are sending, or change the default e-mail alltogether.
    i didn't know this! Great shortcut tip!

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    10-15-08 06:27 AM
  5. Mrs. Curvy's Avatar
    Great tips!

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    10-15-08 07:18 AM
  6. tech42er's Avatar
    If you want a shortcut to compose an sms text message, check this out: berrycoder.com
    11-19-08 12:36 AM
  7. piratao's Avatar
    Hi, i have my personal email, hotmail, and a work email that i receive thru hotmail but send thru my isp's settings. Using my website address.
    In my hotmail web account i can also send from my work mail as i've set up the account there.
    So on my BB, i receive a work email thru hotmail but i want to reply thru work, so it uses my website address and not my hotmail address.
    How do i do that.
    Sending is all good.
    Just when i reply where it says "Send using" it doesn't show my work accout for me to choose from, only hotmail.
    Any help please.
    12-02-09 01:21 PM
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