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    The Power User's BlackBerry Guide: 121 CrackBerry Tips, Hacks and Resources - Inside CRM

    These BlackBerry tips will help you work easier, better and faster.
    1. Delete Multiple Messages: Search for messages, then press Delete Prior to delete all of the messages in the results.
    2. Read "A Wired-In Guy Getting Set for a Big Date": Stick your wet BlackBerry, or any other doomed device, (turned off) in a bowl of uncooked rice overnight, and it will suck out the moisture.
    3. Navigate Your Calendar Quickly: First, enable Quick Entry, then press "D" for day, "W" for week, "M" for month and "A" for agenda.
    4. Separate SMS (Short Message Service) Messages and Emails: Select Separate in the SMS and Email Inboxes field under General Options.
    5. Select Text on a Page: To highlight text, press Shift, then move the wheel up or down.
    6. Delete by Date: Click a date and press Delete Prior to restore order to your mailbox while still retaining your most recent messages.
    7. Get BlackBerry Tips, Tricks and Key-Press Shortcuts: Learn important keys, message tips and more.
    8. Permanently Delete Emails: To ensure that you're permanently deleting emails, delete them from your email client rather than using the Delete Prior feature.
    9. Capitalize Letters: Press and hold letters down to make them capitals.
    10. Turn Off Messages: You can choose to turn off messages by going through your security options and modifying your firewall settings.
    11. Get Better Coverage with Your Radio: If your coverage is not doing well, try turning your radio off and on to force a network scan.
    12. Scroll Down: Use your spacebar to scroll down a page, then press Shift and the spacebar simultaneously to move back up.
    13. Get BlackBerry Calendar Tricks: This post covers popular tricks for the BlackBerry's calendar.
    14. Sync Specific Folders: Set up Folder Redirection to sync only selected email folders to your BlackBerry.
    15. Dial Letter Numbers: Call lettered numbers like 1-800-GOOG-411 by pressing Alt, hen typing the letters.
    16. Empty Your Phone-Call Log: Enable Call Logging, then delete items in your Phone Call Logs folder.
    17. Insert the "@" Symbol in an Email Message. Press the spacebar to enter an "@" symbol in a message or press it twice to insert a period.
    18. Dry Your Device with Silica Gel: If you've dropped your BlackBerry in water, dry it out with silica-gel packets, which often come in shoeboxes. This also works with silica cat litter, which is generally labeled as crystal.
    19. Select Special Characters: Press and hold a letter key, then move the thumb wheel up or down to get the appropriate character.
    20. Enable Content Protection: Store data on your device securely by enabling content protection.
    21. Stop a Page from Loading. Press the Escape button to keep Web pages from loading.
    22. Reboot Your BlackBerry: You can reboot your BlackBerry without pulling out your battery by pressing Alt, Caps and Delete simultaneously.
    23. Dry Your BlackBerry with Alcohol: Another drying option that also disinfects is 100 percent alcohol. Turn your BlackBerry off, soak it in alcohol and take it apart as much as possible. The alcohol should evaporate with exposure to air.
    24. Read the Top 10 Phone Tips from BlackBerry: This list includes simple tips for changing volume, speed-dialing and more.
    25. Use Your BlackBerry as a Flashlight: The BlackBerry makes a great flashlight for middle-of-the-night runs to the fridge or the bathroom.
    26. Delete Mail-Client Emails from Your BlackBerry: Select Purge Deleted Items under Email Reconciliation to delete emails on your mail client.
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    Learn how to turn your BlackBerry into a supertool with these guides.
    1. BlackBerry on Crack: 25 Tools to Supercharge Your Lifeline: This guide offers useful tools for BlackBerry business users and more.
    2. BlackBerry Software and Utilities: If you're looking for any aftermarket BlackBerry tweaks, this is the place to start.
    3. Mac OS X Tethered Modem Solution for BlackBerry: Find out how to use a BlackBerry as a modem in OS X.
    4. Voice-to-Text Voice Mail Services and Third-Party Alpha Pager Dispatch Services: Check out these services that will transcribe your BlackBerry voice mails.
    5. What Are the Methods of Receiving Email on BlackBerry?: Read this article to figure out your email options.
    6. BlackBerry for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing: This article explains why BlackBerry devices are great for those who are hearing impaired.
    7. The Agony of "BlackBerry Thumb": Learn about BlackBerry-related thumb pain and what you can do about it.
    8. Why BlackBerry?: Find out why the BlackBerry is a superior choice for some people.
    9. BlackBerry HTML Web-Browsing FAQ: Get the lowdown on HTML browsing here.
    10. Basic BlackBerry Etiquette: Here, you'll find a basic list of dos and don'ts for being a polite BlackBerry user.
    11. Buying a BlackBerry on eBay: Check out this guide to learn how to avoid getting scammed when purchasing a BlackBerry from a seller on eBay.
    12. Implementing GTD with Your BlackBerry: This guide recommends applications and more items for helping you get things done on the BlackBerry.
    13. Transfer a File Using Bluetooth Technology Between Two BlackBerry Smart Phones: This guide will show you how to transfer files easily.
    14. Gmail Receiving "Sent Items" You Send On Your BlackBerry: Learn how to turn off this syncing feature for Gmail and more.
    15. BlackBerry Chat Apps/FAQ: Learn about awesome IM (instant messaging) applications and more in this guide.
    16. Remove an IT Policy from a BlackBerry: Here, you'll find out how to rid yourself of a pesky IT policy.
    17. Easy BlackBerry Backup: Use this guide to back up your BlackBerry in just a minute.
    18. The First 10 Things You Should Do With Your New BlackBerry: Before you do anything else with your BlackBerry, do these 10 things.
    19. Appear to Be in the Office While Actually Working from Home: Fool everyone by making these tweaks using your BlackBerry and more.
    20. BlackBerry Messenger: What Is It and How Does It Work?: Get the lowdown on this BlackBerry-to-BlackBerry messaging service.
    21. Maximize the Battery Life of Your New BlackBerry: Follow this tutorial to learn how to get the most out of your battery.
    These how-tos will guide you through step-by-step hacks and tricks for the BlackBerry.
    1. How to Use Your BlackBerry to Transfer Between Windows and Mac OS X: In this guide, you'll learn how to port tasks, notes, appointments and contacts from Mac OS X to Windows, and vice versa.
    2. How to Turn on Standby Mode Using the Mute Key: Use this method to avoid pressing keys by accident.
    3. How to Edit a Profile and Set Notifications: Here, you'll find out how to change your BlackBerry's message and email notifications.
    4. How to Restore Your BlackBerry to Default Settings: Perform a security wipe on your device with this quick tutorial.
    5. How to Free Up Memory on Your BlackBerry: Keep your BlackBerry from enabling the low-memory management feature with this tutorial.
    6. How to Get Images onto Your BlackBerry: This quick tutorial offers a few easy ways to get images on your device.
    7. How to Remove "Sent from my BlackBerry": This tutorial will walk you through the steps to changing your signature.
    8. How to Use BlackBerry as Modem For Laptop: Give your laptop full Internet access using a BlackBerry.
    9. How to Increase the Speed of the BlackBerry Browser: Speed things up with these simple tips.
    10. How to Configure Full Internet Access on BlackBerry: Learn how to get full Internet access on your BlackBerry with this tutorial.
    11. How to Install Third-Party Applications (Mac OS X): This guide will walk you through installing apps on your BlackBerry through Mac OS X.
    12. BlackBerry 101: The How-To Lecture Series: This series covers purchasing a BlackBerry, checking out the controls, third-party apps andmuch more.
    13. How to Disassemble a BlackBerry Pearl: Whether you're taking your Pearl apart for fun, hacking or just to air it out, here's how to do the job.
    14. How to Secure Your BlackBerry: Keep your data safe by following the tips in this guide.
    15. How to Clean Your BlackBerry's Trackball: Get your trackball cleaned up with this how-to.
    16. How to Stop the Blinking: Here you'll find out what various blinking lights mean and what you can do about them.
    17. Installing Third-Party Applications: This guide for Windows users walks you through the process of installing of apps.
    18. How to Get BlackBerry Internet Access without a Data Plan: Avoid data plans with this hack.
    19. How to Set up Gmail as a Free Spam Filter for Your CrackBerry: Use Gmail to keep spam out of your BlackBerry.
    20. How to Pair a Bluetooth GPS Receiver with Your BlackBerry: Check out this Bluetooth hack to pair your BlackBerry with a GPS receiver.
    21. How to Transfer Files to Your BlackBerry: This guide will teach you a few different methods of file transfers.
    22. How to Use BerryDialer to Save a Lot of Money on Voice Calls: Use this dialing hack to save some cash.
    23. Turn a Full Length DVD Movie into a Pearl Movie File: This guide shows you how to turn a DVD into an .avi file.
    24. How to Use Your BlackBerry as an Emergency Flashlight: Learn what you need to do to turn your BlackBerry into a flashlight.
    25. How to Remove and Clean the Trackball: Get your trackball squeaky clean with this guide.
    26. How to Put a Full-Blown Windows Desktop Environment on Your BlackBerry: Use your microSD card slot to get Windows on your BlackBerry.
    Cheat Sheets
    Make shortcuts and formats with these BlackBerry cheat sheets.
    1. Hot Keys: BlackBerry Browser: Use these hot keys when viewing Web pages.
    2. BlackBerry Cheat Sheet: This sheet is full of useful shortcuts.
    3. Compare Cellular: Compare Cellular offers guides to getting started as well as quick reference guides for a number of BlackBerry models.
    4. Supported Document Types: This list offers a glimpse at the file formats that a BlackBerry can handle.
    5. BlackBerry Shortcut Collection: This handy guide has lots of shortcuts for the BlackBerry.
    6. Tip: Helpful Keyboard Shortcuts: This cheat sheet offers lots of shortcuts for phoning, messaging and more.
    7. RIM BlackBerry Quick Reference Guide: Get this handy printable sheet for an easy, quick reference for your BlackBerry.
    8. Cheat Sheet to Share: Here, you'll find loads of shortcuts.
    9. Hot Keys: Calendar: Create appointments and view dates more quickly with these hot keys.
    10. SMS Quick Reference: Get this quick-reference guide to learn about SMS shortcuts for the BlackBerry.
    11. Free SMS Messages: Avoid messaging fees by sending carrier-specific emails.
    12. What Is My Carrier's BIS (BlackBerry Internet Service) Web Site URL?: Here, you'll find BIS URLs for providers worldwide.
    13. The BlackBerry Glossary: Find out what various acronyms stand for in this BlackBerry Glossary.
    14. BlackBerry PIN Quick-Reference Guide: Have everything you need to know about BlackBerry PINs handy with this guide.
    15. Hot Keys: View Word Document: Use these hot keys when working in Word.
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    Put these tools to work on your BlackBerry for loads of increased functionality.
    1. BlackBerry Operating System Downloads: Find places to download a new OS here.
    2. Berry Bloglines: Access Bloglines from your BlackBerry device using this RSS reader.
    3. Google Maps Mobile: Get traffic, listings, maps and more with Google Maps for your BlackBerry.
    4. Mobile Desktop: With this software, you can access your desktop PC from anywhere using your BlackBerry.
    5. Mobylo! MultiAlarm: Get ultramanageable alarms with this neat tool.
    6. Black & Whitelist: Keep harassing phone calls at bay using this blacklist application for the BlackBerry.
    7. TryPhone: If you're shopping for a BlackBerry, use TryPhone to find out exactly how your model will function.
    8. Naggie: This reminder application works with your BlackBerry's GPS to nag you about tasks when you get close to a location.
    9. Google Mobile: Sync up your Google Calendar and more with this service.
    10. RepliGo Professional: Using RepliGo Professional, you can view documents as if they were on your desktop computer.
    11. Empower HTML Mail Viewer: See your emails in HTML with graphics, links and more with this tool.
    12. Digby: Shop a number of online stores from your BlackBerry using Digby.
    13. Spot: Get GPS on your BlackBerry with this software.
    14. Necho Expense BlackBerry Edition: This tool makes expense reports a breeze.
    15. Secure Password Manager: With this manager, you can safely store all of your important passwords and numbers on your BlackBerry.
    16. BBTetris: Entertain yourself with this classic game for the BlackBerry (link opens download folder).
    17. ABC Amber BlackBerry Convertor: Transfer contacts, emails, logs and lots more onto your desktop computer with this convertor.
    18. iSkoot: Use this Skype client to get cheap calls on your BlackBerry.
    19. IM+ All-in-One Mobile Messenger: IM on several different accounts and applications with this neat tool.
    20. MicroStrategy Mobile: MicroStrategy Mobile automatically reformats documents so that they can be easily viewed on your BlackBerry.
    21. Mobile SSH: Get access to your server from your BlackBerry using this cool tool.
    22. Windows Live Search Mobile: Get local information, maps and searching capabilities with Windows Live Search Mobile.
    23. StockView: Track stock prices with this free viewer (link opens download folder).
    24. Translator+: Use this tool to get easy foreign translations on the go.
    25. BeamBerry: Make your BlackBerry compatible with PDFs, Word documents, text files and more with this software (link opens download folder).
    26. Beyond411: Get supercharged 411 listings using Beyond411, a service that gives you local prices, listings and GPS searches.
    27. BlackBerry Unite!: Collaborate with up to five users by sharing remote access, calendars, documents and more with BlackBerry Unite!.
    28. Backpack Mobile: Get organized on the go with Backback for the BlackBerry.
    29. BlackBerry Tools: In this suite of BlackBerry tools, you'll find a number of useful applications.
    Find out even more in-depth tips and hacks in these BlackBerry reference books.
    1. "BlackBerry Hacks": You'll learn how to supercharge your BlackBerry with this book.
    2. "Professional BlackBerry": Learn how to extend your BlackBerry's functionality, get maximum uptime and more in this book.
    3. "Hacking BlackBerry: Extreme Tech": This book discusses some of the many ways that you can hack your BlackBerry.
    4. "How to Do Everything with Your BlackBerry": Take your BlackBerry way beyond email with this book.
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