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    Editing Ring Tone Profiles
    For OS 5.0

    Click Sounds - it's the speaker icon.

    Scroll down and click Set Ring Tones/Alerts. Next click Phone to change the phone's ring tone.

    In the next box, click the ring tone, (Hello Hooray in the example).

    A box with all of the available ring tones will open. Scroll to the ring tone you want to use and click it.

    Press the back button and select Save.

    One can use this method to change all ring tone and various alert profiles listed in Sounds.

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    Another Tip: Assigning Custom Alert for Address Book Contact:

    Open Address Book:

    Select contact you would like to give a custom ring tone to by clicking their name:

    Press the menu key and select Edit:

    Scroll down and select Phone or Messages under Custom Ring Tones/Alerts:

    Next click the current ringtone box:

    The next menu box will show your ring tones, select the one you want to assign to your contact:

    Press the back button and save:


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