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    I wanted to share with you all how dumb I was using the new Theme Studio 5.0 !

    When I first cranked the new Studio up, I just read my older Composer files into the new Composer and fed them to the new Theme Builder. Everything was cool. Then I tried to add new buttons using the new Composer on the old Composer files. Is no workie.

    You cannot use the New Composer (NC) to modify files made by the Old Composer (OC) and expect the New Theme Builder to accept them (other than just passing them through without modification).

    You CAN continue to use the OC to make changes and feed its files to the New Theme Builder.

    To use the NC on an existing custom HomeScreen, carefully document your work and the location of all icon files and then delete everything and reload icon by icon., etc. Sounds bad, but most all your work is constructing the icon files anyway.

    Below are some results of adding some new buttons to my Zen Tesla Theme.

    Here are the Third Party module name I used in both the New and Old Composers:

    BBM - net_rim_bb_qm_peer
    VZNav - VZNavigator_v4_2_22_72_480x360t
    Maps - net_rim_bb_lbs
    Google Maps - GoogleMaps
    BlackStar - BlackStar
    Memos - net_rim_bb_memo_app
    Camera - net_rim_bb_camera
    Opera - operetteb$2dhifi
    VideoCam - net_rim_bb_videorecorder
    Messages - net_rim_bb_messaging_app
    WF - WellsFargo41
    Nasa - com_jfisher_webshortcut6_app
    AWRadar - com_jfisher_webshortcut3_app
    Spam - com_jfisher_webshortcut2_app
    Mail - com_jfisher_webshortcut1_app
    WSJ - WSJournal_470_en_app
    Reuters - Reuters_470_en_app
    Browser - net_rim_bb_browser_daemon
    FMPro - FileManagerPro
    Options - net_rim_bb_options_app

    Invisible are two DAO icons: BerryWeather and a link to the skunk-works folder I call The CON. I need see if BW is better behaved now.

    Notice how VZN sweetly coughed up their module name. Opera is still not working.

    Doctor Neutron
    11-20-09 03:38 PM