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    In addition to this machine comes with a shortcut key, I also joined the the BBER habits shortcuts key sequence

    Keyboard shortcuts:

    $ = SMS

    r = time

    f = Profiles

    w = Management link

    h = home

    k = camera

    z = music

    x = multimedia

    0 = Download

    7 = Video

    8 = Image

    9 = camera

    Gesture area:

    Home is an icon to the left to slip = the second row of the first application of the application interface

    Home icon on the decline = lock (password lock)

    Home fourth icon to the decline in the third row of the = application interface an application

    Home icon right slip sixth = the fourth row of the first applications of the application interface

    BB10 lock screen mode, white gradient, personal feeling clearly time and date display, the taskbar vertical display!

    am from China BBER, China has a lot of BBER, thank you! I do not know compression package how to upload up!

    The topic, I do hope you like them!-1.jpg:D:D:D:D:D
    11-06-12 06:27 PM

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