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    Here are some backgrounds for my new theme Reflect7, feel free to download.

    The theme includes hidden buttons, and a hidden today. Clean, Simple, Useful.

    Also, check it out at Mobihand [dot] com or click the link in my signature
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    10-30-09 03:06 PM
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    We have many many more themes at AG Designs & Graphics, enjoy the theme everybody
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  3. danhclare's Avatar
    can you share that battery meter please?
    10-30-09 04:01 PM
  4. SpartyOnDX's Avatar
    can you share that battery meter please?
    At this point I'd prefer not to, but maybe after I make some more but not right now because I want to make my theme unique. Sorry.
    10-30-09 08:22 PM
  5. fallenangel808's Avatar
    Job well done! Great looking theme
    11-09-09 08:03 AM
  6. ColeDaddy's Avatar
    Too cool, man. Great walls.
    11-09-09 06:57 PM
  7. houstonn's Avatar
    is there any way to change the background wallpaper for every single background.. when i choose a new wallpaper and i turn my 9550 to landscape it has that wooded wallpaper even tho i have another one chosen but when i turn it back to portrait its shows the wallpaper i selected.. also besides the landscape, the the homescreen where it shows all of my icons.. the original wallpaper remains as well as the screen when you answer a call or when you have dialed a call... i wanna be able to switch those backgrounds... on another note. when i highlight the top where the time is.. the glow completely covers the whole time.. and when the time changes the new digits aren't smoothly transisted..

    thank you
    01-05-10 04:43 PM