1. southnam's Avatar
    So I searched the threads and found a few that answered this question but for for US carriers and non for telus so hoping someone has telus experience.

    So I presently have an 9810 but the spinning clocks are gettign annoying and don't know if I have enough patience for BB10 keyboard device next year. so I picked up a cheap android HTC One V phone to play with.
    I took my sim from my BB and put it in my HTC and everything seemed to work fine. I put it back in my BB and everything works too.

    Now my question is that if i keep using my HTC and swap back and forth for a while will I still retain my BBM and telus.blackberry email address or at some point do I lose it eventually. I called in to customer support and of course hey said... "uhhh I don't know, try it and see what happens."

    I'm committed to BB and can't wait for BB10 as for work m-f 9-5 it's great but let's call the android a weekend car sorta thing....

    Any experience much appreaciated.
    09-14-12 03:28 PM
  2. Xop777's Avatar
    I just done like you... bought a cheap android device to try out and use at work (make sure that I don't break my 9810). For now I didn't lose nothing.

    I am switching my SIM card for about 16hrs in my ACE and get back to my 9810. I already tried to switch my SIM from my 9810 to another BB and I lost my email registration (needed to re-register it). But for now as long as you don't go for another BB device, it should be good... If I have update I'll let you know!

    But in all case, even if it look pro, The usage of this e-mail should be restricted or even not used, since it can't be retrieved using an email client. Personally, I am opting out of this e-mail since I discovered that attached files need to be really small to be delivered...

    Hope it help!
    11-02-12 11:11 AM