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    Does anybody have any experience with the pre-paid Telus BlackBerry Social plans?

    I have some questions regarding these plans:
    * Do the included BlackBerry services (BBM, IM, email) work while roaming?
    * Can someone please confirm that these plans do come with email? It probably sounds like a dumb question, but the marketing materials never explicitly say that there is email included with the plan.
    * If I have an unlocked BlackBerry Curve 9360, can I activate it on this plan?
    * If I would like to use the web browser, what options are available? I'm assuming that web browsing is not included with the plan. So is Wi-Fi the only option. Is there any option to pay for some web browsing data? Are the answers to this question also the same for any PlayBook Bridge that I might want to use?

    Here's a link to the plans I am referring to:

    08-21-12 11:52 AM
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    I just got off the phone with Telus. The person on the phone said that these plans do not include email. Without email these plans are of little value to me. Why would they offer a BlackBerry plan without email? Are there that many people that would get one of these plans?

    08-21-12 12:25 PM
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    Because it's a social plan. Emailing doesn't come under social plans, neither does web browsing. This is a data service generally added by the younger BB users, or those not looking for a full BlackBerry experience.

    Verizon in the US does the same, as do other (European?) carriers.
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    08-21-12 12:50 PM
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    I guess young-uns don't send emails? Man, I feel old. If they had just email and BBM for $20/month, I'd be in. Adding email can't be adding that much cost to the plan, could it?
    08-21-12 12:54 PM
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    These plans are generally out there as a cheaper option too. Verizon's plan, for example was/is $10 for 75MB of "social data." Their next tier, I believe, was/is $30 for 200MB of a full BIS plan. I'm willing to bet Telus' data plans were structured the same way.
    08-21-12 01:02 PM
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    Yeah, I just don't get how email alone is worth an extra $10/month. It's not like you can use up any significant amount of data over email. I bet Facebook would cause more data usage than email in an average month. I'd bet there would be a lot of customers who would give up Facebook in exchange for email on these low-end plans.
    08-21-12 01:10 PM
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    But that's the thing: these plans are designed for teenagers (and beyond) who would much rather IM/chat, and e-socialize (Facebook). I don't know the exact data consumption rates, but I doubt FB is excessively data draining, because it's access to the RIM app that you're getting with this plan and just like email, FB sessions are routed through RIM's NOCs. All these social data sessions are RIM apps routed through their NOC.

    Keep in mind, these data plans don't include general web browsing either. Telus and other carriers made a conscious decision to milk customers as much as they can with tiered and then different types of tiered data plans. That's the way it is.
    08-21-12 01:20 PM
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    Yeah, I get that carriers will charge the highest price they can get. It's just that at $20/month for apps that use very little data, I would have thought email was included. Email probably costs the carrier $0.50/month to support, but they still won't include it. Ugh.
    08-21-12 02:41 PM