1. Sue R.'s Avatar
    we have one user out of 80 who is incurring a monthly charge on our unlimited data plan. According to Telus' logs the charges appear hourly as a PDA charge using sp.telus.com. WISP7. Other data usage shows hourly as RIM blackberry.net WISP6. All of our other user accounts only show the RIM blackberry.net, ar not hourly and have no additional charges. I've checked the TCPIP settings and they are set the same as a BB that is not incurring charges. Telus says to wipe the device and start again, but I'd like to figure out the reason to avoid it in the future.

    Thanks for any help
    05-02-12 03:12 PM
  2. wxmancanada's Avatar
    This really goes beyond us here on the forums, and sounds like it needs to be taken to technical support. Give them a call, 1-888-552-3333.
    05-16-12 12:25 AM