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    Hi from Australia...

    As of today Telstra are offering prepaid BlackBerry (BYO) services. They were also advertising the Curve 9320 as 'coming soon' in #11 of their Let's Connect catalogue however its disappeared from #12. Nothing on their website either.

    The catch is you must recharge with a minimum of $40 a month to get unlimited BIS. The good news is, is that you can bundle it with any of their prepaid offers. If you bundle it with Cap Encore you get $550 value ($40 real credit and $510 'funny money'), 600MB data, unlimited BIS plus unlimited calls and text from 6pm-6am every night through to 29th October 2012 (unless it is extended yet again like it has been for the last year or so).

    You need to ring Telstra on 1258887 from the prepaid service you wish to have BIS on, select 5 for other enquiries then tell them you want to apply BIS on the account, then recharge $40 or more (this is what is said on the Telstra website and what the phone operator in Manila told me)

    There is a wait of up to 12 hours for Telstra's systems to apply BIS to the account and as such I am still waiting. For those of you in AU I'll keep updating this and tell you if anything interesting happens. Can't wait to ditch 3 Mobile since they'll be using the Vodafone network in a couple of weeks.

    Telstra - Mobile - Telstra Pre-Paid Plan Offers

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    20 hours and still no BIS.
    Telstra, yes you have the best network, but I don't understand why it takes you so long to provision BIS. 3 did it, and I had BIS working before the operator in Mumbai disconnected my call..
    07-31-12 08:38 PM
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    Fast forward today, got a call from Manila telling me that they are so sorry but prepaid BIS would only work on the Curve 9320/9360. They offered to give me another $40 recharge (they gave me one already) and said thanks for choosing Telstra, hung up and bam BIS started working.

    Putting a real $40 recharge and not just the bonuses on seem to kicked it over.. although I recharged with a real $40 recharge to begin with. Who knows. Working now. Great compared to 3 and the Vodafone network
    08-03-12 05:13 AM