1. Austiniter Texas's Avatar
    In April 2014 after reading everything I could on the internet and in news reports about Blackberry's new management team and its new CEO John Chen I made a personal-investment decision to have my stock broker buy me BB stock. As a loyal Blackberry user I felt it was important to support the company I have always believed-in, purchased phones from and always enjoyed the best customer user experience out there. My stock broker couldn't believe I would risk some of my savings on what he called a 'failing company', however one must put their money where there mouth is! I believe if anyone can bring back BlackBerry its John Chen who will turn around the company to be profitable down the road, and that Blackberry stock and Blackberry itself will rise back to its glory days.

    It's interesting how the media and competitors of Blackberry have been able to impact negatively Blackberry by buying advertising in print and other forms of media whereby to get such negative publicity aimed towards Blackberry. I hope those Blackberry believers out there will make a small personal investment in Blackberry stock to keep the vision and dream alive for all Crackberry user's throughout the world.
    05-26-14 10:52 AM
  2. A_Aviator_A's Avatar
    I'm long on BB as well.
    I think that the the "spin" has really filtered out of the stock price to the point where it is an accurate depiction of the company's cash position.This is a good thing, as too many speculators tend to move stock prices in both directions.

    As a recommendation, this is a good investment for a company with no debt and a good operational model that is generating revenue.However their ability to manage their cash in the short term will get reflected in the stock price if they keep burning through it.

    05-26-14 11:12 AM

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