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    06-06-13 03:08 AM
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    In retrospect they probably shouldn't have done it but there are conflicting issues at play here, on the one hand as is pointed out in the article you can't test with a recent car but on the other you can if pirelli asks you too. The catch is pirelli has to give every team the same opportunity. I don't see it as Mercedes responsibility to go up and down the pit wall asking if other teams want to join in.

    Also, I doubt that they gained much advantage from the tire test itself, working on an actual race team here in Canada I do agree that any time you can put your car on track you gain something, but with regards to tires if they didn't know what they were testing and wern't being given any real information from pirelli about how the tires wore/performed then that bit of data is not very useful.

    Further if the article is trying to suggest that they had an advantage going into Monaco over this test it is laughable. Anyone who has been watching the season can tell you that Mercedes has been excedingly strong in qualifying for the past number of races. Likewise any F1 fan can tell you how notorious Monaco is during the "modern era" to pass at. If you go back in time to when the cars were wider and were more manual it was somehow easier but hey this isn't designed as a commentary on modern drivers vs those of the past lol. Now if they had gone out there and set incredible lap times each and every lap the whole race I would agree something is up but they didn't, they went in with a clear strategy and stuck with it, basically pacing the field to avoid destroying the tires.
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