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    They start testing later this month ...
    Lauda: Mercedes constantly learning with F1 2014 engine | F1 News | Jan 2014 | Crash.Net

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    01-05-14 01:29 PM
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    Awesome, can't wait to see how Mercedes perform this season

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    01-05-14 01:37 PM
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    I took a moment to make the title a bit more specific to the topic, and thanks for the share!
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    01-05-14 01:39 PM
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    Gonna be a very interesting season. I expect the turbos are going to be a bit quiter, but that will only be noticeable to those fortunate few who get to witness these events live. As I understand it, Ferrari pretty much wrote off 2013 and was spending more time developing the new power plants for 2014. Can't wait to see how these things go, how lap times will compare to previous years, and who will be the first to figure out the winning recipe with this new engine package.

    But I still miss those screaming 20K+ RPM V10's.
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    01-05-14 01:44 PM
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    Awesome, can't wait to see how Mercedes perform this season

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    Yes indeed...hope they reign in those Red Bulls

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    01-05-14 01:45 PM
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    I took a moment to make the title a bit more specific to the topic, and thanks for the share!
    Thanks BK

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    01-05-14 01:46 PM
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    Sounds decent enough..

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    01-05-14 01:50 PM
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    Any one going to any of the races? I'm for the Spanish one

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    01-05-14 01:50 PM
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    Maybe Monaco...if I can convince the "leader of the opposition" lol. Been to Montreal a couple times, always fun.

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    01-05-14 02:03 PM
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    Interesting frank comments here from Alonso:

    The Spaniard said after defeat at the Singapore Grand Prix that his focus was on next year's title battle, because the change to new V6 turbo engines will mean everyone starts from zero.
    But Permane thinks that the scale of Red Bull's current advantage is such that the outfit is still going to be ahead at the start of 2014.
    "It is not like Caterham and Marussia are going to start on a level playing field," Permane told AutoSport. "It is not going to happen.
    "There will be a bit of a reset, but there won't be a total reset.
    "Sebastian [Vettel] has got a two second per lap advantage now, and he is going to carry some of that advantage over into next year.
    "And let's face it - Red Bull are better at building a quicker car now, so why are they not going to be better at building it next year?
    "I guess there is the impact of the engine, but there is no reason to believe that Renault will not do a competent job with that. They should be fine.
    "You can be sure he [Vettel] will have the power and the engine will be fuel efficient.
    "Red Bull are still going to be the team to beat next year, and Vettel will be the man to beat."
    Permane admitted that the extent of Vettel's advantage in Singapore had been a shock.
    "It is 2.5 seconds per lap," he said. "That has got to be mostly him [Vettel], as Mark Webber wasn't anywhere near that.
    "I don't suspect he goes flat out apart from qualifying and times like that. It is soul destroying for everyone honestly.
    "If I was Fernando, talking about winning the championship? Forget it, they are not even close.
    "And they won't even be close next year, if they [Red Bull] have got that sort of advantage now."

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    01-05-14 02:58 PM
  11. crohns's Avatar
    Bring on the new season!!! I can't wait!!!

    It should be a very interesting year. I still believe Red Bull will be the team to beat.
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    01-05-14 03:19 PM
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    New F 1 engines being tested.-img_00000872.png

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    01-06-14 06:20 AM
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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Too bad testing isn't televised -- I'd love to see some of that!
    01-06-14 09:58 AM
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    Yeah would be cool to watch it!

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    01-06-14 10:10 AM
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    01-15-14 03:11 PM
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    Enjoyed reading this article...Lewis flew into the UK last night, let the testi.g begin

    Zee Z30 posted thiz
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    01-19-14 10:08 AM
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    New F 1 engines being tested.-img_00000893.png

    Zee Z30 pozted thiz
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    01-20-14 07:13 PM
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    "PU106A Hybrid?" we hear you say... "But what does it mean?" Well, we're glad you asked..
    'PU' - The Power Unit; far more than simply an Internal Combustion Engine.
    '106A' - The 1st model, of the 1st generation in this 6-cylinder turbocharged era.
    'Hybrid' - Because that's what the new age of F1 is all about.
    The Mercedes-Benz PU106A Hybrid - any questions?

    New F 1 engines being tested.-1390432571056_904147-2-.jpeg

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    01-22-14 05:19 PM
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    Can't wait!

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    01-22-14 05:36 PM
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    Click image for larger version. 

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    What's this app?!

    ***Nevermind found it in BBWORLD!

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    01-22-14 05:37 PM
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    Saw a picture of the Force India car on an F1 BBM Channel. Man - that car looks GOOD! MAybe someone can grab a picture of it and post it?
    01-22-14 05:51 PM
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    01-22-14 05:54 PM
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    New F 1 engines being tested.-012214_force.jpg
    Oops beat me to it, well come to think of it mines bigger

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    01-22-14 05:56 PM
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    And here:

    New F 1 engines being tested.-img_00000896.png

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    01-22-14 06:03 PM
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    I know.most of you have seen this but..here you are for those that have not:

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    01-23-14 10:36 PM

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