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    How did Mark Webber achieved 15th despite his car being on fire and he had to abandon the car before being able to finish? And was above another 4 people that had a complete car. I thought he would be Ret.

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    The results page I was looking at did say retire. Apparently other cars dropped out before him?
    09-22-13 06:25 PM
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    The classification rules are a bit screwy, but here's a rundown:

    Everyone within the same lap as the winner gets classified according to order they crossed the line.

    Following that, cars who have started their last lap but not finished it are classified in order of distance completed.

    Following that, at the time they cross the line next, everyone who was more than a lap behind the winner is classified as +1 lap, +2 laps, etc.

    So Mark had completed well over 90% of the race, was on his last lap when the car died, and was within 1 lap of Seb. Make sense?

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    09-22-13 09:57 PM
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    Mark Webber's 15th place despite car on fire. How?-img_20131353.png

    I thought of some random thing. Like he got the win while riding Alonso's chassis.

    But weird anyways. It says he was +1 lap behind but he was actually in the last lap, a few corners from the finish line when the engine ultimately gave up.

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    Mark never won the race. Vettel won the race. Mark received a reprimand for going back on the track without the all-clear from the nearest marshall. Because it was his third reprimand of the year, he gets a ten spot grid penalty at the start of the next race.

    And the only timing that counts is the official race timesheet, after being signed off on by the race officials. The app is likely to have inaccuracies, as you've shown. Even the timing on the official feed can be wrong from time to time.

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    09-23-13 08:18 PM
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    Mark Webber's 15th place despite car on fire. How?-img_20131390.png

    Even the website official results show the same thing.

    Still not clear how he locked himself a place in front of people with actual working chassis.

    Or is it like this guy said about how the winner locks the places between everyone in the same lap as the winner and people one lap behind?

    Anyway, I thought you would have to cross the finish line to lock your place. Which he did, but on top of Alonso's car.

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    Yes, it is like I said. If you don't believe me, Google away and find out for yourself. Christ, I'd hope after the amount of detail I've already gone into with my explanation you'd get the impression I might just know what I'm talking about.

    Webber crossing the finish line had nothing to do with it. He was picked up on the cooldown lap - at least two minutes after Vettel crossed the line. Every one of the +1 lap people would have finished the race distance before Alonso picked him up. Further, they don't cross the line after the cooldown lap, they go into the pits, into Parc Ferm.

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    09-28-13 07:09 PM
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    Hahaha, sorry if I didn't explain myself right. It's not that I don't believe you. It's just that you are using some technical references and terms I don't understand.

    Cool down lap and Parc ferm for example is Chinese to me

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    My bad - definitely should have kept it simpler.

    Cooldown lap happens after any full speed lap, be it a qualifying lap or the last lap of the race. The purpose is to cool the car down - lower the brake, engine and transmission temperatures to reduce stress from big changes in temperature.

    Also, the brakes on F1 cars get so hot that they will cause the carbon brake ducts and shrouding around the wheel uprights to catch fire if there isn't constant airflow over them.

    Interestingly, during the cooldown lap after the race the drivers intentionally drive off the racing line, where lots of stray rubber has collected during the race. This is to pick up more rubber on the tires, to add extra weight to make extra sure they don't fail a weight test after the race.

    Parc Ferm is a a rule preventing the car from being altered between qualifying and the race, and immediately after the race. The idea is, the car setup and parts you run for quali can't be altered before the start of the race, to avoid teams running illegal parts, then changing them to legal ones before an inspection takes place.

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    10-04-13 11:54 AM

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