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    Lewis Hamilton takes his second pole of the year at a rainy Malaysian circuit. This pole is the 33rd of his career, equalling the British record that he now shares with Jim Clark.

    Mercedes were once again the team to beat in qualifying but a strong showing from defending champion Sebastian Vettel sees him line up next to Hamilton on the grid in second. Rosberg will start 3rd.

    A Mercedes driver was on top in all the qualifying sessions and so it was no surprise that one came out on top in Q3 also. Their success was borne of a combination of a strong car, and having the confidence to run it with the correct tyres. When ahead, they did no rest on their laurels and instead continued to improve their times to learn as much about the car and the conditions as possible. They're a team that are keen to keep striving to go faster.

    The session was accompanied by a heavy dose of rain, which played a large part in how the timings progressed. The session started after a 25 minute delay, and featured several teams and drivers continually chancing their arm on inter tyres in the hope to find a better time. In the end, none of these gambles paid off. Radio communications frequently communicated calls to change to wet weather tyres.

    Ferrari were saved blushes and a potential early exit in Q2 when they left the pits on inter tyres. They soon discovered that that was the wrong tyre, but a red flag gave them chance to return to the pits to change.

    The brief red flag in Q2 was brought out after an incident where Kyvat drove into the side of Alonso. The incident is now being investigated by the FIA and may result in a change to the current provisional standings.

    The readiness to change from the safer tyre in potentially variable conditions displayed an insecurity in many teams to establish themselves. While we are still unsure who follows Mercedes as the second fastest team in Formula One, no-one really knew where they stood, and so Mclaren, Williams and Ferrari potentially started to panic and gamble on inters. Jenson Button defended his decision to go out on inter tyres in Q3 in a post-qualifying interview. He starts 10th on the grid. The decision sees his rookie teammate Magnussen once again with the upper hand going into the race. The young Dane starts 8th.

    With a wet weather race forecast for tomorrow, grid positions will not play as large a part in the race outcome as it would in the dry. Nevertheless Hamilton will be pleased that there will be no cars between him and the first corner when they line up on the grid tomorrow as he looks to make up for his retirement in Australia.

    Follow our live text commentary of the race in English or Spanish right here on the F1 Live 24 App.
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    This is good news! Now if he can remain there at 03:30 tomorrow morning, I'd be happy.

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    Lol...true, let's hope he keeps all six cylinders for the full race tomorrow.

    Is that a Z30...yes, yes it is.
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