1. BB Fightclub's Avatar
    Look at Formula 1....520 million viewers - Austrailia, Japan, Malasia, Singapore, Brazil, Canada, now US of i, all over Europe, Middle East etc. Alot of people watch F1 because they love technology, and F1 has more collective brain power behind it than any other human endevour. What BB/QNX should do, is crazy glue a playbook onto a steering wheel, get rid of those 20 buttons and switches (not the critical ones), go to the F1 community and ask, Red Bull, or Mercedes, or Kingfisher, or Ferrari.... if they want to be part of a $200 million world wide advertizing campaign. Call it a "developement program"... , maybe they'd even use it. The driver could swipe screens between track position, critical safety info, control fuel mapping - diff settings, in the pits he could swipe to an overhead camera and watch tire changes, see wheel nut sensors flash to green, loly-pop guy would only have to watch pit lane (ask MS if he'd like this), in the rain swipe to a FLIR (forward looking infra red) camera screen (safety), cars doing 20% less than normal speeds would flash red (safety), etc. Of course the BB team would win, then on the cool down lap, swipe to communications, BBM voice your fans, video chat with your Dad, call your Mom, twitter, .....
    Set up an LTE network at each track, communications thru QNX/Harman - noise suppression systems. Team members, VIPs, the spectators, the world, could have a playbook, swipe between steering wheel screen (watch your favourite driver's every move) , different camera angels, track position, timing etc.

    This is all possible today and light years and of Apple and Android yet the media thinks BB has to catch up (and will fail). Forget about the Saturday mall shopper crowd - they are gone.....the US media is gone (50 great stories come out of BBW 2012 - all that the business shows can report on is the death of the physical keyboard (nothing on SAP, CISCO, CITRIX etc) Hello - you are a business show!!!!

    If F1 doesn't want to play ball, rent the Mosport track, have a BB fanboy weekend, invite racers to come out, fake it, film it, shoot some commercials, have displays/demos/cool stuff (connected cars/QNXHarman), lets see Paratek in action, keep it light and just have fun!! Or you could just use an F1 simulator.....

    Rant's over...
    Stand Up
    05-05-12 12:39 PM
  2. dtango's Avatar
    its a pretty bad idea. firstly every f1 team has different switches and controls - its not universal, alot of them are secret so the last thing they want other teams to know is what they are doing. example being mercedes controlling DRS with a pedal whereas red bull have a paddle on the steering wheel.
    05-05-12 12:47 PM
  3. MarlboroM's Avatar
    I like.

    Just think we could then get replica setups on our PB's and pretend we're in the race.
    05-05-12 01:14 PM
  4. Ben1232's Avatar
    I'm the biggest F1 fan however this won't work. Nice notion though.

    + 1 OP that there is an F1 post
    05-05-12 01:40 PM
  5. MarlboroM's Avatar
    What would be nice would be to get the official F1 timing page working on the PB.

    That would do!
    05-06-12 12:09 AM
  6. addicted44's Avatar
    While I a nice fantasy, that is pretty much all it is.

    By the time an F1 driver has completed a swipe, his car would have careened off into the barricades. Their reaction times have to be insane.

    And the PB (and pretty much any other consumer device) would not survive the G-forces in the vehicle anyways.
    05-06-12 01:48 AM