11-26-11 01:17 AM
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  1. gdasilva16's Avatar
    WHAT A RACE!!!

    a racing forum would be awesome. +1
    03-16-08 09:57 AM
  2. CrackBerry Kevin's Avatar
    Hey Guys,

    Yeah, that was the craziest race I have seen in a LONGGGG time (that race with downpour rain last year was insane as well).

    I think there will be a lot of races like that this season. Without the TC I think we'll see more than a few slip-ups. I loved Kimi's last off track experience though...heading straight for the wall, manages to get it turned at the last second and power through the gravel and back onto the track. Lack of reliability was nuts. Heads will be flying at Ferrari. And what the heck happened to Heiki and Maclaren? He went from 2nd to 6th? Really poor management of when to bring him in...I guess the Safety Car timing couldn't be helped, but he definitely got the short end of the stick.

    Re: a Racing Forum. We already have the Off Topic forum, which is really where this thread should be moved to (when you used the "Today's BlackBerry Posts" feature on the drop down main menu above under forums, I want the threads that appear there to be BlackBerry Threads). I'll probably move this thread there still (will put a redirect on it for a few days so we know where to find it). So the best thing to do is just create New threads (one for each sport), but to do it in the Off Topic forum. Then if we want, I can create a new static page that's easy to find that links to all these Racing/Sports threads in the off-topic.

    I am working on a little idea that should be up in the next month or so...if it goes the way I'm hoping it will be a cool way to tie this all together.
    03-16-08 10:58 AM
  3. BB_FTE's Avatar
    I know what you mean. I solved that by recording it on my DVR then get up in the morning and skip through all the commercials.
    03-16-08 11:34 AM
  4. Reed McLay's Avatar
    I blew it. Dozed off before the start and woke up with the race in progress. No problem, I knew it was scheduled for broadcast this morning....

    But, I had to avoid all possible news sources before the race started.

    Way to go Lewis Hamilton. They made the point that he was 6 years old in Michael Schumacher rookie year. First half of the race looked like a typical Shumi run off and lap the field to third place.
    03-16-08 12:25 PM
  5. onepoonis's Avatar
    It might come down to McLaren and BMW. I would say Ferrari should be up there but all the teams using Ferrari engines failed and I'm just not sure. But again, it's only the first race. Can't wait till next weekend to see how they do in the hot and humid Malaysia.

    Oh, I don't know if it's going to happen this year, but I hope that no major network will broadcast here in the US. I like the Speed Channel guys.
    03-16-08 07:21 PM
  6. onepoonis's Avatar
    I know what you mean. I solved that by recording it on my DVR then get up in the morning and skip through all the commercials.
    Who ever invented DVR is my best friend. No more waking up at 4 in the morning (Cali time) to watch the race.
    03-16-08 07:24 PM
  7. gpzbeaner's Avatar
    Arrrrgghhh! The Ferraris had the pace. Kimi was probably the heaviest on fuel and on softer tires - worked through the field... Then he threw it away. Sometimes it's hard to be a Ferrari fan.
    03-17-08 11:33 AM
  8. psygieda's Avatar
    I'm also a hugo F1 fan, Robert is my man for this year. Where is your site?
    03-17-08 11:45 AM
  9. renegade37918's Avatar
    this should be in off topic
    03-17-08 11:45 AM
  10. rickylix's Avatar
    cool!!! F1 fans on crackberry!! What a crazy race! So happy that Nico got his podium..this here is a great site and it makes me very happy that F1 fans are here too!!! looking forward to an awesome season!
    03-17-08 12:43 PM
  11. ohsobad21's Avatar
    i'm dying to see how the new driver Nelson Piquet Jr. im watching the qualifying right now, and i heard that he spun out in practice yesterday. and now he's starting in 21st position? not a good start. i've been a Ferrari fan since i first started watching F1 years ago. my prediction is that this year we will take it again. except that it will be Massa 1st, and Kimi 2nd.
    I to am a Ferrari fan, BUT..... Massa wont place over Kimi. Let us not forget that Ferrari won last year by default. I think that this year is going to be the young guns... Hamilton is going to be the one to beat and now with Kovalainen as his #2 driver it will be hard to get to Hamilton if Kovalainen can stay behind him. And another driver to watch is going to be....Bourdais, he comes from open wheel racing and coming from the top. It sucked that his motor didnt last for him, he drove a great race keeping top drivers behind him. It's going to be an interesting year for sure. Oh yeah did I mention that I'm into F1 BIG TIME.
    03-18-08 12:23 PM
  12. gdasilva16's Avatar
    IT'S WWF1 AT MY HOUSE!!! i've always been a ferrari fan. my dad's 2 favorite drivers were Aayrton Senna and Nelson Piquet Sr. so now that Nelson Piquet Jr. is racing for F1, my dad is talking all this trash to me, telling me how good he is. LOL EVERYDAY! it's so funny.
    03-18-08 06:35 PM
  13. Reed McLay's Avatar
    At least three drivers will drop from their original qualifying positions on the grid for Sunday’s Malaysian Grand Prix. McLaren’s Heikki Kovalainen and Lewis Hamilton both lose five places for impeding rival drivers in Q3, while Williams’ Kazuki Nakajima starts from the back after his ten-place penalty for a collision with BMW Sauber’s Robert Kubica at the last round in Australia.
    Provisional grid

    Row 1: Felipe Massa, Ferrari Kimi Raikkonen, Ferrari

    Row 2: Jarno Trulli, Toyota Robert Kubica, BMW Sauber

    Row 3: Nick Heidfeld, BMW Sauber Mark Webber, Red Bull
    03-22-08 10:57 AM
  14. wickedmind's Avatar
    Oh I'm so glad this started again, next to Rugby and Climbing this is what I really follow..
    03-22-08 11:00 AM
  15. Trajan's Avatar
    This is the best thread!! I can never find anything for an F1 fan. Did anyone attend the BMW F1 pit lane park in Veags? I did, it was awesome.
    03-25-08 03:02 AM
  16. Trajan's Avatar
    Who's going to take this year?? Any guessess?
    03-25-08 03:04 AM
  17. Polberry's Avatar
    jeez go lewis, kick everyones **** in that sennaish helmet HEHE
    03-27-08 08:12 PM
  18. Polberry's Avatar
    Hey check this pics out.. This was some years ago.. I was doing some karting in Brazil. That was a shake up day testing a new kart & engines at Ayron Senna Kart Track. I was part of TCHE Parilla Team which at that time had as its top pilot the now Renault driver Nelsinho Piquet... Thats the same team that had Ayrton Senna in his karting days.

    :P Great memories of those days...

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    03-27-08 08:37 PM
  19. rayporsche's Avatar
    Cool pic's, I'll probably take that turn in the first shot sideways !!! Good to know people enjoy serious racing like F1. Used to love Ayrton Sena in the rain and Nigel Manser, don't know if you guys remeber them. Ray
    03-28-08 11:26 AM
  20. gpzbeaner's Avatar
    I'm surprised. No comments on Massa winning? BMW in first place for constructors! Max Mosley's uh... tryst? Anyone see Jay Leno's bit about Mosley?
    04-11-08 08:45 AM
  21. m5manny's Avatar
    Mosley should resign in shame. He should have resigned a long time ago when all the big teams threatened to leave and form their own series.

    As for the good ol days of racing, it was Nigel Mansel VS Damon Hill and then Mansel left, said that his car was undrivable, he was just too old at that point, in my opinion.

    For me the good ol days of F1 were Ayrton Senna vs Damon Hill vs Schumacher.....circa 91-93, then the San Marino GP hit and was tragic. I donate to the Senna foundation for kids in Brasil, I'm Portuguese but love my Brasilian brothers. The only driver we had to even come close to being a great F1 driver was Pedro Lamy, but he broke both his legs in the same race that Ratzenberger and Senna died, what a tragic weekend.

    I've been a huge F1 fan for 20 plus years, been to Canadian GP, US GP, Brasil, but my dream is to go to Monoco....what an awsome place!
    04-12-08 10:27 AM
  22. hst's Avatar
    I'd agree that if I could pick a race to see it would have to be Monoco.

    I'm really interested in seeing how the BMW team does this year. I think that they will shake things up a bit. I'm a BMW guy all the way, I like the simi-underdog.

    I don't know about the rest of you, but I am really enjoying the no traction control this year. It has really made some of the other teams more competive, just look at Nico in the first race, a Toyota in the top 3 I thought I would never see that. It is fun seeing the best in the world sliding around.

    Check out
    on your crackberry, it has news stories etc.
    Last edited by hst; 04-21-08 at 07:06 AM.
    04-21-08 07:03 AM
  23. gdasilva16's Avatar
    I absolutely love the the no traction control. It shows the driver's true skill.

    Posted from my CrackBerry at wapforums.crackberry.com
    04-21-08 07:22 AM
  24. Trajan's Avatar
    BMW is kicking ***. i'm pleased and surprised
    06-06-08 03:38 AM
  25. Dinesh
    Is any programme available to follow F1 races 'Live' for BB bold?
    03-28-09 02:19 AM
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