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    I am on a the classic subsidized plan. I am out of contract. Now T-mob is going to force all the subsidized plans to go value EVENTUALLY. Note the emphasis on eventually. I stopped by the T-mob store today and from what I can gather, the value plans will be phased in as the subsidized plans expire. But I could get a subsidized phone today if they had what I wanted, which is the BB10 Nevada.

    Now in theory I could go on the value plan right now. Usually this is just a $10 discount over what you are paying. However, I might be able to get one more subsidized phone depending on timing. If it gets to the point where T-mob is going to force me to buy or go classic and the Blackberry Nevada isn't offered yet, would it make sense to just get some new subsidized phone, not use it, then ebay it when the BB10 Nevada comes out. Or I could just go value plan now and save the $10 a month for probably the 5 months it takes until the BB10 Nevada is available.

    I can't believe I'm the only person trying to game the system. Somebody must have figured this out already.
    12-12-12 12:34 AM

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