1. AlexAllen's Avatar
    Wanting one each Z10 and Q10.

    Assuming T-Mobile does not carry the Q10, should I:

    1. Use my upgrades for two Z10s, sell one for an unlocked Q10?
    2. Pay cash for the phones and switch to a Value Plan?
    3. (If possible) do standard on one line (for the Z10 upgrade) and Value Plan on the other line (unlocked Q10)?
    02-26-13 04:54 PM
  2. paolomusic's Avatar
    03-02-13 07:00 AM
  3. dosto's Avatar
    In the long run, Value Plan is cheaper. I did the math on it over a year ago and decided to switch from Classic to Value Plan myself, but as paolomusic points out, TMO is coercing (forcing) customers to switch to Value Plan regardless.

    No worries, though, Value Plan is cheaper anyway, IMHO.
    03-03-13 04:42 PM
  4. Judas Priest1's Avatar
    I talked to a T Mo agent yesterday. She told me that as an existing customer I can keep my current contract plan when it expires or I upgrade which I plan on doing when the Z10 is released. My current contract plan is old and CHEAP with free wi fi hotspot so no way I'm changing. When I go to the 'upgrade' page the option to renew plan is still there. Better be right!
    raino likes this.
    03-04-13 02:34 PM

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